100 Races Bonus Car

Again not a cheat as such, but something to keep in mind.

After 100 races you get a gift ticket #1000 which gives you a bonus Fuakai concept car. Boost it up… sell it… whatever… apparently its super quick.

This was sent in by forum member Stiggypoohs..

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Also Stiggypooh is stuck with trying to figure out how to beat the race cars when you’ve only got level 21. Check the post out here and help a GT5 brother out!

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15 Responses to “100 Races Bonus Car”

  1. GTFan Says:

    Weird.. I got the #1000 ticket but got a Peugeot HDi Race Car…

  2. hashman Says:

    done 100 races but did not get a car wots goin on any help

  3. DillerSnaps Says:

    I guess b-spec races doesen´t count, i’we had 100 b-spec races now and now gift 🙁

  4. GT2000 Says:

    Are the bunus cars random? I got on a completed challengerace a mazda Furai Concept car and my fried got also the trophies gold on the tracks and got a Mazda 323, haha.

  5. hashman Says:

    do you have to have 100 A-spec races to get the fuakai concept

  6. ripped off Says:

    far out. i got ripped off. i got a 49 vw beetle for this ticket <_<

    if u havent got the ticket by 100 races, you should get it when u reach 2000km in total race distance done

  7. A P Says:

    Check the used car section. All I got was a random car. Nothing special.

  8. Nax Says:

    I got a TVR Cerbera Speed 12 from it.

  9. kyle Says:

    I got a piece of s@#! V W lupa! Wtf!

  10. Griffin Says:

    You will get the ticket for every 100 races/2000km. I just reach 4000km and got another ticket.

  11. Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    I Think iv’e got a Mercedes 190 Evo from it… It’s not bad but its FUCKING STANDARD

  12. Jef Says:

    I got the Gran Turismo Skyline GT-R ’01
    Isn’t bad… i think
    Sells for 35.500 and isn’t in the dealerships.

  13. Cubed201 Says:

    Just quit and save your game to a USB drive as soon as you get a ticket (level tix or 1000 tix)
    Then go back into the game and use a ticket. If you don’t what you want just quit and load your save from the USB drive. Start the game and repeat till you get something good.
    I kept restarting till I got the Tuscan speed 6 with my Lv5 ticket, the Audi touring car with my Lv 17 ticket, and my ticket 1000 till I got the race car

  14. Jordz85 Says:

    I got the RUF CTR2 96

  15. Jim Kaler Says:

    I came across this board and I found it really useful, it helped me out a lot with GT5. THANK YOU!