17.4k in 2.5 Minutes!

This is straight out of our forum and was posted by uffrank. Much thanks to that GT5 fan! You can also check it out direct at the forum by clicking here.

First you will need to be at Level 12.

Second you will need a ride:
2006 Chevy Corvette Z06 (100k)
Tune it to 600 – 650 hp, Drop weight to stage 1, and buy some medium racing tires (50 – 60K)

Third the event:
Enter the Supercar Racing series in the Advanced Level, Select the Second track 3 laps at Daytona.

You will complete 3 laps flat out at 44-46 seconds a lap, and will earn 17.4k.

With loading time you can enter compete and win this race 3 times in 10 minutes for $52,200

You can also use this car for the American Muscle car series & earn the same 52k for 3 races, but it takes more time.

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Quick cash is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

Let us know if you have tried this or give it a go and tell us what you think!

Don’t forget you can always check out new cheat in the forum or visit http://gt5cheats.com/forum

UPDATE: Here is a good Youtube video of how its done!

Thanks to msotelo09 for sending this through.. good work!

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10 Responses to “17.4k in 2.5 Minutes!”

  1. mglupfer Says:

    One other good cheat 4 money is the tubocharged series level 17 get a GTR and tune it up all the way or close to and in 3 1.15 sec laps u can win 36,000 $

  2. jeff Says:

    another good money maker is in “expert series” the “turbo challange”….3 laps on the high speed ring.. for 36000 credits.. it takes about 3min30sec…i use the BUGATTI i won for beating professional series

  3. ACiDxCHRiST Says:

    Ah damn jeff, you beat me to it. I was going to post this exact same thing.

    Expert Series > Turbo Race of Turbo Sports (Turbo Challenge) > High Speed Ring

    Like he said, it is only 3 laps and 1st place is worth 36,000 Cr. My best time for all three laps is 3:03:78 with a Fully Tuned Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09. I beat the 2nd place driver by 35 seconds so that shows you, that you can use a car much less powerful than a Veyron and still get the gold.

    This is the best money maker I have found so far.

  4. msotelo09 Says:


  5. ShaneTheCoe Says:

    at level 23

    extreme series – american championship – Superspeedway indy

    fully tuned Corvertte ZR1 can hold accelerate constant and this will give you about 100k every 5mins

    boring track though

  6. ShaneTheCoe Says:

    ok so i just tested it and its 98’000 in 5:14 so not bad that includes ps load times (mine need engine overhaul oil change and body needs to be sorted out)

    remember before you upgrade the Corvette zr1 that is can have racing modifications so do that first…. this will cost you about 700’000 though so its not cheap.

    bare in mind this car can be used quite early on so is a real keeper

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    […] actually is. But isn’t it just another way to make easy money? What stops us from using the 17k in 2 minutes or maybe the Hot hatch bug and using them on the B-spec […]

  8. Snippy Says:

    I had a RM Lotus Elise and I use that on the British Lightweights Course in Professional.

    In the London Circuit I can do 1st lap in under a minute and 2nd lap in under 55secs, total easily less then 3 mins and it nets me 24.1K
    Not bad if your not up to Expert yet.

  9. ricky Says:

    i used the evora in the british lightweights. as stock is too heavy so use lightweight reduction

  10. K. Davis Says:

    Tons of great GT5 stuff here, THANK YOU!