B-Spec Advice Anyone?

Some people have complained about B-spec… its boring.. why would you want to watch cars instead of racing them… and so on.

Yes you could say that its justified to wonder what the point of it actually is. But isn’t it just another way to make easy money? What stops us from using the 17k in 2 minutes or maybe the Hot hatch bug and using them on the B-spec mode?

With some of these methods you could get Miss Daisy to earn you some cash while you do nothing more than watch TV, go to the bathroom or (can’t believe I’m saying this), actually sit and watch your protege driver do laps while you make some cash?

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Wouldn’t life be good if you had a gumby to just do your work while you reap the benefits!

What are you B-Spec methods? Whats cars do you use and what races do you run in order to get the most out of it? Throw your comments this way as we’d love to hear them.

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22 Responses to “B-Spec Advice Anyone?”

  1. DillerSnaps Says:

    I’m at the moment trying to complete all b-spec races with gold, my b-spec lvl. is 16 and i got 4 drivers, the highest at class 14, the others are 7, 5 & 5 🙂
    Im someone g0t some good b-spec tips, please share – its starting to get a bit hard in the Expert Series.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Just some advice on quick cash and some b spec tips first of quick cash once you reach level 21 in a spec go to the like the wind event and win the indy speedway race you get 70,000 cr a win even if you cannot win it you can still earn a minimum of 40,000 cr regardless of finishing position that can be achieved in less the 4 minutes the best car to use is the minolta toyota race car you win it absolutely slaughters all opposition on that track also b spec tips when you get to a certain point you will need more then 1 driver however when you get a new driver his level starys at 0 i just made a new driver and entered him into the japanese car championship and he was hopeless however by the time i had finished the championship series and finished a lowly 11th his level rose to 11 i did it again this time he won the event and is now @ level 14 so a relatively easy way to train a rookie driver

  3. Kieran P Says:

    It would be far better if:
    * There was an option to speed it up
    * The driver knew how to overtake properly on corners

    At the moment, I can’t win anything in the car restricted maps because the car is fast enough but the driver doesn’t take corners well.

  4. Kill3rmus Says:

    I actually love bspec-

    1. tells me which event needs what car
    2. modding your car to the max is that always a good idea, so using bspec tells me how the car handle and how to tune it properly.
    3. train your driver. Mine is now able to drift in tight corners and properly accelerate to over take cars.
    3. if you think you can let the driver drive by itself without your help, you are wrong.

  5. Rich Says:

    I get the impression that B-spec is meant to take a longer commitment to finish than A-spec… if you’re good at GT, then of course you’re more likely to win a race than your AI counterpart in B-spec… it takes a lot of failed races to work a racer up to a high enough level to not drive like he’s mental.

    And yes, the lack of a speed-up function is borderline infuriating… and some bluetooth headset functionality to verbally call out commands would have been nice… just wander around the house telling your driver what to do, lol!

  6. Trojanwarrior Says:

    the biggest benefit to B-spec is like one person said, to see how the car handles on a track before you take it out and two the winning cars are better. For those of you having a problem winning the historic race car in expert on a-spec, if you can make to b-spec extreme you get that dredded toyota 7. Also the pagani zonda r (the race car that mods up 900+HP at 1000kg) is the best car in the game until you pick up the minolta in a-spec. THe b-spec can get dull at times because of the skill but i recommend if your driver is below leve 6 or 7 DO NOT give him a FR car he will spin out keep him in 4WD or FF cars until then, then work him into balanced cars.
    As for the cold and hot bar, the pace up pace down, for those that have not figure it out yet the cold and hot bar is agression more than it is speed. Of course the more aggressive the faster the driver will go but also the more likely to spin out, and the colder the driver is the slower he will go but he will also be smoother through turns. So one tip i figured out while going through the game was to keep him between 50%-75% agressive while going through traffic to keep the pressure on the other AI drivers to make them mess up and keep your driver controlled, also the overake is not like GT4 and previous games, you have to time up when you tell the driver to overtake instead of just keeping him on overtake, if he is 2 seconds back and you tell him to overtake nothing is going to happen but if you tell him to overtake right before a turn and he is right behind the car it will usually work. Just keep in mind it is a lower level and AI driver and progress your drvier through easy to hard cars and b-spec will reward you with VERY good cars and pretty good money

  7. Tommy Says:

    Give em the bugatti then walk away. they shouldn’t have a problem!

  8. BruceLeroyGreen Says:

    On B spec I am a level 22. I have five drivers and 3million dolars. The best way to make money is to get to to the polyphony digital cup, Expert level, each race (3 of them) is 23,520 for a first place win and after you win the cup you get 80,000. takes 30min roughly and you get alot of XP (level 0- 5 in one race) and money (150,560 after winning the cup). Complete this as many times as needed and use the Mclaren F1 stealth mode car. It only cost 500cr to overhaul the engine so your car will never have issues. Don’t worry about the miles being put on your car overhaul the engine. check on your driver make sure they are in first. After that walk away and make a sandwich, heck take a nap! Repeat over and over for each driver and share the the XP and MONEY! Easy Very EASY!

  9. matt hixxy Says:

    hi i have a veyron tuned to 1168bhp, yes the handling is naf but in b-spec on the daytona track (lv11) my veyron blitzes everything but for some strange reason my driver brakes from 240mph to 140mph on every corner allowing everything to pass, so by lap 5/6 im miles behind any tips

  10. Chris dub Says:

    tommy is right, bugatti on expert turo challenge, highspped ring. set it and forget it.

  11. Chris dub Says:

    For those of you who have a hard time with B-SPEC, you have to command yor driver! Pay attention to their attitude metter as I call it. if they are in the red they’re pushing to hard. If they’re in the blue, theyre getting sloppy/ and fucking lazy. you have to get them right in the middle! you have to learn your drivers sweet spot and keep them there!! you can just let them race and walk away.

    Keep in mind EVERY B-SPEC driver is different! you will get pissed because they do stupid shit, like slow down to much before a turn, or crash your enzo, spin out ETC!!

    you have to break them In them, that is how deep GT5.

    I trained my drivers to the point where i get them right in between the blue and red and they set great lap times! and they win races almost effortlessly. however you have check up on them other wise they get sloppy when you dont command them. keep them in beween the blue and red, you should do fine.

    a note. you my have to battle too, basically meaning comand your driver to overtake another car otherwise they might just sit there.

    i think the purpose of bspec is to train your driver to do the races you dont want to do yourself, Ex 24 hour endurance. you might not think there are races like that, however more races unlock as the more you progress through the game. ive seen a driver online with and a spec lvl of 35. he said the game keeps going after that!

    so good luck. if i have left anything out please leave a comment, or if im inaccurate PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!

  12. jacquesDgeiger Says:

    my top driver is lvl 7 & ive had him almost always drive an rwd and i havent had too many problems so far…he had some pretty close calls but he’s undefeated. i think its about how u manage ur driver and what car he is driving and how its tuned.

  13. nick Says:

    i have 5 drivers lvl 21 and 18s, my b-spec lvl is 23, i think the easiest way to lvl up you drivers is to raise one driver to lvl 21 or over once you won the zonda, then create the rest of drivers, enter the drivers in turbo challenge, even with lvl 0 you should have no problem to win the race (you might need to babysit lvl 0 drivers) each race you should gain 3-5 lvls. once you reach lvl 22, start grinding European challenge- monda it gives you 99000 cr and over 10k exp it takes about 28mins per race.

  14. Dom Says:

    I’ve managed to get my hands on the Formula GT racer, basically any race i use it on B-spec is a set up and walk away moment. Race at indy/daytona then tape the x button down overnight and wake up to 20+ race wins!

  15. Kevin Says:

    noticed a majority of the posts on here state they are having trouble with stupid drivers.. my first driver i had was pretty bad initially but my tips are.. if u have a big lead tell your driver to decrease pace if his bar is somewhat in the middle or in the red.. he wont slow down by much but u’ll keep your driver cool headed and he will be less likely to make mistakes. i have finished everything on gold and am on endurance series now in b-spec. I have 4 drivers and my highest is on level 32 the other three are all above level 25 but i cant remember each drivers level. I only had one driver to start with but when i unlocked having two drivers I got a second one but I didnt use him. you are allowed to enter any race on b-spec that your b-spec level allows.. say your b-spec is on level 20 you can still have a level 0 driver to the race.. This is what I did with a level 17 race and a level 0 Driver. I just gave him a fast car that would easily dominate the competition and just kept telling him to decrease pace, the driver keeps calm.. doesnt make mistakes and gets you an easy win + money and your driver improves easily by a few levels in one race. i hope this helps you guys

  16. Ryan Says:

    I think b spec is a bunch of s*** and I’d rather race for 1 hour than watch a computer drive for 5 minutes gran turismo have made a mistake and it better not be in gt6

  17. carl Says:

    i got a veyron 12xx bhp

  18. jwbears Says:

    the key to having a good b spec driver is just using one driver. my driver was pretty bad up until level 26-27 but now at 33 he’s pretty damn good. don’t waste races leveling up 2nd 3rd or 4th drivers because you can put a brand new driver with no experience into a 4 hour endurance race with a wicked fast car and he will have no problem winning and you will get TONS of experience for him. i think i’ve seen drivers level up 15 levels at a time.

  19. john wayne Says:

    Bugatti, fully upgraded, on B-Spec Expert, Polyphony Digital Cup, Circuit de Madrid mini, 14 laps, 12:22,xxx minutes, 52,700 credits, 5869 exp. Any 0 level driver. His mental and physical strenght will rappidly dropped to zero, but this track is a city one, with fences all over the track and he will just slide on!! So give’em Bugatti start the race and grab a beer. IMPORTANT!!!! NO INSTRUCTIONS TO DRIVERS PACE NEEDED!! Just sit, enjoy the beer and show!!! From 0 to 6th level in 12 minutes. NICE!!!

  20. BrianBlaze420 Says:

    I am currently trying to get my b-spec to do endurance races but I know that the only way my guy will win is if he stays hot or at least in the middle! All my drivers no matter what get hot when they are around other drivers and cold once they get the lead allowing the other computers to catch up… I am curious if there are racers that stay hot the whole race… that would be great because I have a level 25 b-spec driver and he doesnt make mistakes really when he is hot so why not just stay hot all the time and start lapping peopleÉ

  21. Ian Łomża Says:

    Good page, I was looking for something like this!

  22. sweanders Says:

    After reaching level 19 on B-Spec I got sick of it and automated the process.

    I am now away visiting family and friends while my B-Spec driver is leveling up without me having a keystroke very once in a while.