B6 Race Cheat – GT5 Prologue

On the second corner, use the wall to help you turn the corner. You must keep you foot (or finger!) on the accelerator throughout the whole corner. Don’t prod or lift a little… slam it all the way down!

Then when going through the other corners hold through the inside line while again being flat on the accelerator. The other cars around you will help you stay on track. This will help you finish in 1st place very easily.

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Have fun and Good luck!!

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2 Responses to “B6 Race Cheat – GT5 Prologue”

  1. Toby Benefield Says:

    I gotta admit I am stoked for GT5 no matter what anyone says! Delays or no delays I know it’s gonna be well worth it!

  2. Kendrick Says:

    I am soooooo anxious for Gran Turismo 5!