BMW 135i Hot Hatch Cheat

I think Polyphony made a little mistake when it came to the hot hatch series at the intermediate level!

Buy a BMW 135i and compete in the hot hatch series in the amateur league (A-Spec)

This car shouldn’t be in there as its not a hatch and simply too quick… but you can get away with it.

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Win the races no problem and cash in!

UPDATE: You can pretty much use any car to enter this, whether its a hatch or not. Enter a Veyron, an Enzo and possible an f1!

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7 Responses to “BMW 135i Hot Hatch Cheat”

  1. ACiDxCHRiST Says:

    Dude, you need to select the “Entry Requirements” button on the screen after you select The European Hot Hatch Championship. You will see that it only restricts the car to being from European manufacturers and makes no mention of hatchbacks. I just entered a Ferrari 430 Scuderia ’07 in that race because it is Italian. Needless to say, the race wasn’t fair.

  2. admin Says:

    I didnt look at that..

    Kinda of ridiculous being allowed to enter a Ferrari 430 and even a BMW 135i in a euro ‘Hot Hatch’ league… what part of these cars are ‘hatches’????

    But great find… I’ll enter a Veyron and see how things go 🙂

  3. LC Says:

    nice…I just got in the race with a Maserati Gran Turismo S

  4. Dave Says:

    Maserati Gran Turismo S in a hot hatch league.. sounds fair!

  5. StealthDLC Says:

    This isn’t something new. This was present in GT4 as well. In GT5, I actually cleared this stage with my european Stealth DLC. I think I used the Stealth SLS.

    It is hard to lose with a 600HP car.

  6. quad Says:

    I used jaguar 61 model tuned.

  7. Trojanwarrior Says:

    I used the countach in this race as everyone else said it truly wasnt fair