Bonus Birthday Car

Got an awesome tip from a commenter early who didn’t leave a name so he or she will unfortunately remain anonymous!

Okay, so the theory behind this cheat is that GT5 will give you a bonus car on your birthday, from the year of your birth. So if you are a 1990 baby, then you will get a bonus car from 1990!

All you need to do is change your birthday on the Playstation network to get your free car. Mwuahahahah!

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An idea would be to keep changing it every so often with a different birth year so you can get different cars. Stock up on cars and sell them for cash (if you can that is) or win races with them.

That is just too cool.

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102 Responses to “Bonus Birthday Car”

  1. nimrod Says:

    do this still work until now?

  2. admin Says:

    It doesn’t but this new one does: