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GT5 Glitch – Money and Exp

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Another glitch using online play. These are definitely quite popular. I find it a little odd however.. does look fun.. but hey, you get cashed up and a load of experience!

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4.9 Seconds around the Nurburgring – Fast Money GT5

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

I posted the other day about a glitch where you get a GTR and travel around in circles for a few minutes for a couple of million bucks.

Well since that was found the guys and Polyphony have patched it.

BUT this one hasn’t been patched yet!

Check it out:


GT5 Money Glitch

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Saw this video on Youtube and even though I reckon the patch fixed it.. its pretty funny. Check it out:


Licence Cheat for GT5 – A-4 Licence

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

I was going through the license tasks the other day and was a little stuck on this one. It’s the A-4 task and I simply couldn’t get out of the &@%#$! corner quick enough.

Even though I run a site called GT5 cheats, I generally try to stick to the racing line and stuff… but love the occasional cheat, especially if it brings some quick cash or gets rid of an annoying level. This does the latter.

The trick is.. well.. simply cut the corners! There is no effort in the game to stop you cutting the corners so you can cut through them as much as you like and get a really good run out of the chicane.

Gold trophy? Give me a go at a Platinum!

I know the video quality is pretty average but you get the idea! 🙂



Free Cars!

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

That’s right… you can get a car for FREE! As long as you have the money… huh?

Ok let me explain… this is straight out of the forum and was submitted by ‘i like f1‘ one of our forum regulars.

It goes a little something like this:

Similar cheat to duping, without the duping!
requires 2 accounts
Step 1: Save up for the car you want
Step 2: Back up your save to an external drive (flash drive)
Step 3: Buy the car
Step 4: Send the car to second account
Step 5: Reload main accounts save
Step 6: Send the car you bought back to the main account and enjoy the benefits!

Very very sneaky.. but hey it works.

The thing is you still need to save up the money.. but you don’t necessarily have to spend it.. you fake spend.

I wish life was like this don’t you. You save up a bit of cash, spend it, but it doesn’t ever leave your account. We can all dream, can’t we?

Anyway, give this a shot and let us know what you think.

You can visit the forum post directly by clicking here.


Get Paid to play GT5?

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

I wondering who were the game testers for GT5?

I’ve seen a few products where they show you how to become a game tester. This would be truly cool for someone who can play games end on end. Personally I can’t play for too long… couple of hours max! Must be my old age. If your interested in finding out ways to land a game testing role, click here to read more.

But I’d be interested to find out who got the GT5 gig?

That leads me to my next question, are there any bugs or things that you would notably recommend to Polyphony Digital/Sony and the whole GT5 team. I wanna hear…


GT5 Used Car Cheat – No More Waiting for Your Car!

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

This is an awesome cheat I found in our GT5 Cheat Forum. Again if you haven’t visited the forum then you must do so as there are so many cool cheats and GT5 loopholes to make your gaming experience so much better.

Okay, this cheat was sent through by Cocobwoy, a regular poster at the forum.

The aim of this cheat is to be able to access newly posted used cars quickly without having to complete a race.

In GT5 the used car list is updated with 6 new cars after every race you complete. However there is a way to have the used car list updated without even needing to complete a race! Brilliant!

All you have to do is simply go into any of the license challenges, regardless of whether you have completed the test or not. After the screen has loaded and your are given the option to ‘Start’ just exit (you don’t have to actually start the test) and the head back to the used car list.

Wammo! 6 new cars to choose from! Don’t like what there is to offer… just head back to the license test… exit.. and try again!

What’s that? A saving of 5 minutes to get some new used car options? Pretty awesome.

Wait! There’s more! Being that the used car list has a total of 30 cars… just do the license steps 5 times in a row before you return to the car list, then you’ll have a fresh list of used cars!

Thanks Cocobwoy!

Again, more cool stuff at the GT5 cheats forum.


GT5 Small Rally Glitch

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

This isn’t exactly a cheat but an interesting glitch or error on behalf of Polyphony and Gran Tourismo 5.

In the first rally special event you are required to beat a certain time in order to achieve either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.. nothing different.. standard stuff.

However the event description says that you need to beat the ghost in order to pass the stage. So there I am trying to beat this uber ghost only to realise I just got a gold trophy, Level up and a whole heap of cash without getting anywhere near it! huh?

Needless to say it was good to know that I didn’t need to beat that thing in order to get through! I tried though.. oh how hard I tried.

Did anyone spot this bug as well? Also has anyone beaten this super ghost?