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Play your own music in GT5

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Sick of the elevator music in GT5? Would you rather rock on with your favourite tunes and really get into the mood?

Face it, the Christmas carols and classics work for about 2 minutes, but when your deciding on whether you use a Bugatti, Zonda or your Enzo you want something with a bit more… oomph.

Well you can actually change the music to whatever you want it to be! This was submitted from forum member ‘jbird000‘ and here it is:

1. Upload music to your PS3’s hard drive from your computer (I used a flashdrive).
2. Create a playlist for gt5’s menu, and a playlist for gt5’s races, adding any songs of any length.
3. Go to your gt5 home screen, and click on the music button (indicated by a small music note icon).
4. Once you pull this up, there will be three tabs on the left, one labeled “race bgm“, and another labeled “menu bgm” will be found there.
5. Click on either of these tabs, and the list of songs GT5 normally plays will be shown here.
6. There will be three buttons in the lower portion of the window, one of them looks like a small gear, or cog, labeled “settings” click on that.
7. There will be 3 buttons, in a new window that pops up. I can’t remember exactly what they say, but one says “default music“, and another says personal “bgm music“, and one more button labeled “select personal bgm music folder” or something like that. Click on the select music button.
8. Click on the playlist (according to where you are setting the music)
9. Play any song (make sure you set it to shuffle ^_^) and it will continually play all of the songs in the playlist folder forever in GT5 :) No more elevator tunes!
10.  Make sure you when you make your selection to click the other button labeled “personal bgm music” before backing out
11. You’re all set with your custom tunes 8-)

Its as easy as that to rock on with your favourite beats while playing GT5. You could say the game got that little bit more interesting!

To read the full thread at the forum you can click here.

Also sign up and give a big thanks to jbird000!

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