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GT5 Fast Money – 1 million in 1 hr!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

That heading isn’t a mistake… you can make a million bucks in an hour with this GT5 fast money technique.

This technique is straight from the awesome Forum (now managed by GT5 star Stiggypoohs!) and was submitted by rockz63168.

So a big thanks to rockz63168 and hope you guys enjoyed this!

With the current XP & CR increase kindly offered to us from Polyphony, it’s possible to earn an easy 1,260,000cr per hour!

We are currently getting 84,000cr for a win on LIKE THE WIND races, so I’m basically hammering the SUPERSPEEDWAY – INDY in my everyday basic Japanese run-around……well, actually I’m running my 883bhp MAZDA 787b Stealth on an average 39 seconds per lap and generally winning each race by 13+ seconds! With loading times etc, each race takes around 4 minutes and nets you the 84,000cr & 3654xp too :D

Car setup (to make things easy for me!):

Mazda 787b Stealth
Stage 3 Turbo Kit
Titanium Racing Exhaust
Racing Soft tyres
-30 Front & Rear Ride Height
2.0 Front & 3.0 Rear Camber
60 LSD Acceleration Sensitivity
450 Max Speed Transmission
60 Front & 85 Rear Downforce
1 Traction Control
10 ABS
Off for Skid Recovery, Active Steering & ASM

Brilliant! You can read the full thread by clicking here and visiting the forum.

Sign up to the forum today and get involved. There is also an awesome GT5 Car trading forum where you can trade cars with other GT5cheats members!

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GT5 Cheats Online Racing League – Coming Soon!

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Okay… I’ve thought about this for a while so I wanted to throw this back at you guys.

I am interested in creating an online GT5 Racing League. With a really unique and catchy name like… hmm… GT5 Cheats Racing League! (how original).

I want it to be different so what I might do is run the league and offer some cool prizes to the winner such as cars (virtual.. not the real thing!) and stuff.

So what does everyone think? What would you suggest in a racing league that will make online racing really interesting and take it to another level?

I’m thinking the following:

  • Qualifying rounds
  • Set cars and performance benchmarks
  • Prizes – Virtual Cars, Vouchers etc (suggestions appreciated!)
  • Universally suitable racing times (to cater for UK, US and AU traffic.. a good time that fits these 3 should suit most I think)
  • Clean Racing (VERY important to me. No hacks or Crashers)

Please let me know your thoughts on a GT5 Cheats Racing League in the comment section below or visit the thread in the forum by clicking here.


Get Paid to play GT5?

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

I wondering who were the game testers for GT5?

I’ve seen a few products where they show you how to become a game tester. This would be truly cool for someone who can play games end on end. Personally I can’t play for too long… couple of hours max! Must be my old age. If your interested in finding out ways to land a game testing role, click here to read more.

But I’d be interested to find out who got the GT5 gig?

That leads me to my next question, are there any bugs or things that you would notably recommend to Polyphony Digital/Sony and the whole GT5 team. I wanna hear…


GT5 Used Car Cheat – No More Waiting for Your Car!

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

This is an awesome cheat I found in our GT5 Cheat Forum. Again if you haven’t visited the forum then you must do so as there are so many cool cheats and GT5 loopholes to make your gaming experience so much better.

Okay, this cheat was sent through by Cocobwoy, a regular poster at the forum.

The aim of this cheat is to be able to access newly posted used cars quickly without having to complete a race.

In GT5 the used car list is updated with 6 new cars after every race you complete. However there is a way to have the used car list updated without even needing to complete a race! Brilliant!

All you have to do is simply go into any of the license challenges, regardless of whether you have completed the test or not. After the screen has loaded and your are given the option to ‘Start’ just exit (you don’t have to actually start the test) and the head back to the used car list.

Wammo! 6 new cars to choose from! Don’t like what there is to offer… just head back to the license test… exit.. and try again!

What’s that? A saving of 5 minutes to get some new used car options? Pretty awesome.

Wait! There’s more! Being that the used car list has a total of 30 cars… just do the license steps 5 times in a row before you return to the car list, then you’ll have a fresh list of used cars!

Thanks Cocobwoy!

Again, more cool stuff at the GT5 cheats forum.


GT5 Small Rally Glitch

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

This isn’t exactly a cheat but an interesting glitch or error on behalf of Polyphony and Gran Tourismo 5.

In the first rally special event you are required to beat a certain time in order to achieve either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.. nothing different.. standard stuff.

However the event description says that you need to beat the ghost in order to pass the stage. So there I am trying to beat this uber ghost only to realise I just got a gold trophy, Level up and a whole heap of cash without getting anywhere near it! huh?

Needless to say it was good to know that I didn’t need to beat that thing in order to get through! I tried though.. oh how hard I tried.

Did anyone spot this bug as well? Also has anyone beaten this super ghost?


GT5 Faster Loading Times

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

We all know that the loading times for GT5 are a bit of a joke, especially since if you finish a race, you can’t just restart.. you need to exit and load the track all up again. Very annoying to say the least.

Commenter Jeff made an interesting note:

“if you disable your network while you play offline the load times are not bad at all and it’ll cut back on how much ya gotta look at that silver GT loading screen…..”

Not bad advice.. lets check it out and see how it goes!

Jeff also noted that damage doesn’t come until you reach a high level… something like level 40. Bit of a joke as who wouldn’t want an option to ‘turn damage on’? Whats the point of doing it this way I don’t know.. maybe to increase game longevity and to keep people playing?

Your thoughts on GT5 so far

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

There has been a bag of mixed reviews. Some people absolutely adore the game and others have responded with anger and frustration of being disappointed after such a long and hyped up wait.

I personally think the game is fantastic but does lack in some areas. I’ll explain below:

The good:

  • HD graphics on the new cars
  • Cars to choose from
  • Force feedback with steering wheel is top notch
  • Handling characteristics are great especially on hard acceleration and most notably on braking. Braking effects are awesome.

The bad:

  • Loading times… seriously this is way too long
  • AI competition.. why are they so bad?
  • Damage – what damage exactly?
  • grid position – who chooses this exactly?
  • Menu and UI… this is probably my most hated part. Why do I have to click so many buttons to go back home? It takes 5 minutes to go back!

These are just off the top of my head.

I’d love to hear your feedback and what you love and hate about it. Comment below or let us know in the GT5 Cheats forum.


3 Second B-5 Gold License Cheat

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Awesome cheat for you today.

Check out this cheat for getting a Gold license in the b-5 license test.

Your gonna love this:


Ford Focus Quick Money Trick

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Well, it’s not exactly a trick. What you need to do is save up about 40k and get up to level 5. This shouldn’t take too long at all.

Now buy the Ford Focus RS and move to the amateur league. Enter the clubman competition.

The races are relatively easy and you’ll probably only have the other Focus as a challenge but its not too hard. Win all the races at $4600 a pop and you’ll receive a $14,000 bonus at the end for winning the championship.

This take about 20 minutes all up… not too bad!


When Money isn’t Money in GT5

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Loving the game but what is frustrating me a little is that even if you have the money you’re not allowed to buy cars if you’re not at a certain ‘level’.

This brings a multi-faceted level of gaming where you want to make more money but at the same time you need to race crappy cars until you’ve got enough points in order to get the car! (take a breath).

It can be annoying I must say but I guess they are trying to feed us the game bit by bit.

So don’t throw away those crappy starter cars too quickly, you may still need them as you won’t be able to buy anything else!