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I-C 1 License Cheat – Easy Gold Trophy

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

I had been trying to get this license for a while and kept missing out by a thousandth of a second and what not. So in annoying I did something and BAM! Gold Trophy!

The secret is that the walls next to the checkered flag stop you IMMEDIATELY!

So all you need to do is simply brake late and then turn into that side wall and your done! Gold Trophy most of the time.  So so easy!

I made a quick video to show everyone.. enjoy!

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Top 10 GT5 Cheats eBook Download!

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

I have put together the top 10 GT5 Cheats so far in a FREE ebook download!

This free ebook download will take you through my favourite GT5 cheats from super quick money cheats, faster loading times, easy wins and awesome bonus cars.

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GT5 Used Car Cheat – No More Waiting for Your Car!

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

This is an awesome cheat I found in our GT5 Cheat Forum. Again if you haven’t visited the forum then you must do so as there are so many cool cheats and GT5 loopholes to make your gaming experience so much better.

Okay, this cheat was sent through by Cocobwoy, a regular poster at the forum.

The aim of this cheat is to be able to access newly posted used cars quickly without having to complete a race.

In GT5 the used car list is updated with 6 new cars after every race you complete. However there is a way to have the used car list updated without even needing to complete a race! Brilliant!

All you have to do is simply go into any of the license challenges, regardless of whether you have completed the test or not. After the screen has loaded and your are given the option to ‘Start’ just exit (you don’t have to actually start the test) and the head back to the used car list.

Wammo! 6 new cars to choose from! Don’t like what there is to offer… just head back to the license test… exit.. and try again!

What’s that? A saving of 5 minutes to get some new used car options? Pretty awesome.

Wait! There’s more! Being that the used car list has a total of 30 cars… just do the license steps 5 times in a row before you return to the car list, then you’ll have a fresh list of used cars!

Thanks Cocobwoy!

Again, more cool stuff at the GT5 cheats forum.


3 Second B-5 Gold License Cheat

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Awesome cheat for you today.

Check out this cheat for getting a Gold license in the b-5 license test.

Your gonna love this: