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Turbo Series Quick Money – 36k in under 4 Minutes!

Friday, December 10th, 2010

You will need level 17 for this one. Its pretty straight forward and not unlike the other fast money approaches.

Access the Turbo Challenge in the extreme series and enter a decent car. The video below shows a worked GTR which if your at level 17 already, shouldn’t be an issue to get and modify. A decent driver could manage a lap in the low 1 minute somewhere. Its a 3 lap race which nets you 36k. So effectively by doing 3 turbo races in about 10 or so minutes you could have another 100k to spend on your next car. Not a bad way to vary the way you have money.

Check the video out below:

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B-Spec Advice Anyone?

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Some people have complained about B-spec… its boring.. why would you want to watch cars instead of racing them… and so on.

Yes you could say that its justified to wonder what the point of it actually is. But isn’t it just another way to make easy money? What stops us from using the 17k in 2 minutes or maybe the Hot hatch bug and using them on the B-spec mode?

With some of these methods you could get Miss Daisy to earn you some cash while you do nothing more than watch TV, go to the bathroom or (can’t believe I’m saying this), actually sit and watch your protege driver do laps while you make some cash?

Wouldn’t life be good if you had a gumby to just do your work while you reap the benefits!

What are you B-Spec methods? Whats cars do you use and what races do you run in order to get the most out of it? Throw your comments this way as we’d love to hear them.


Fast Money GT5 – Level 22 and 83k in 5mins

Monday, December 6th, 2010

You must be already on level 22 to be able to make use of this fast money trick.

There is a load of money to be made when you reach this level. One example would be to race in the Extreme Series using a quick car.

Just 5 laps around the Rome circuit will net you 83k hard cash in your GT5 bank (assuming you win the race!).

So that’s well over 150k in about 10 minutes… actually with loading times as they are, maybe 20 minutes! But hey we also have a cheat for loading times! Check that out here.


17.4k in 2.5 Minutes!

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

This is straight out of our forum and was posted by uffrank. Much thanks to that GT5 fan! You can also check it out direct at the forum by clicking here.

First you will need to be at Level 12.

Second you will need a ride:
2006 Chevy Corvette Z06 (100k)
Tune it to 600 – 650 hp, Drop weight to stage 1, and buy some medium racing tires (50 – 60K)

Third the event:
Enter the Supercar Racing series in the Advanced Level, Select the Second track 3 laps at Daytona.

You will complete 3 laps flat out at 44-46 seconds a lap, and will earn 17.4k.

With loading time you can enter compete and win this race 3 times in 10 minutes for $52,200

You can also use this car for the American Muscle car series & earn the same 52k for 3 races, but it takes more time.

Quick cash is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

Let us know if you have tried this or give it a go and tell us what you think!

Don’t forget you can always check out new cheat in the forum or visit

UPDATE: Here is a good Youtube video of how its done!

Thanks to msotelo09 for sending this through.. good work!


BMW 135i Hot Hatch Cheat

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

I think Polyphony made a little mistake when it came to the hot hatch series at the intermediate level!

Buy a BMW 135i and compete in the hot hatch series in the amateur league (A-Spec)

This car shouldn’t be in there as its not a hatch and simply too quick… but you can get away with it.

Win the races no problem and cash in!

UPDATE: You can pretty much use any car to enter this, whether its a hatch or not. Enter a Veyron, an Enzo and possible an f1!


Ford Focus Quick Money Trick

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Well, it’s not exactly a trick. What you need to do is save up about 40k and get up to level 5. This shouldn’t take too long at all.

Now buy the Ford Focus RS and move to the amateur league. Enter the clubman competition.

The races are relatively easy and you’ll probably only have the other Focus as a challenge but its not too hard. Win all the races at $4600 a pop and you’ll receive a $14,000 bonus at the end for winning the championship.

This take about 20 minutes all up… not too bad!