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Take The Bump And Grind Out Of A Race

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Take The Bump And Grind Out Of A Race

We’ve been trying to work out an event that would take the bump and grind out of a race and leave pure driving skill/tuning untouched. In an online race, that’s pretty tough because, except for karts, it’s hard to find a car that we haven’t fiddled with. Here’s my suggestion. It’s open for discussion, obviously, but I think it would serve as a platform that could be updated or joined by new members, even if it’s been running for months.

How much do you use the practice section of GT5? Although my racing skills don’t show it, I use it all the time. Once you’ve got top level and all the cars, what’s left to do? Well, I like to practice so I don’t suck quite so bad in the online races.

If you don’t use the practice part, here’s the scoop on it. You choose your car, choose a track, set up the driving options and tuning, decide if you want a single car time trial, a drift trial or a one-make race and then  start. There is a running start, same as the bi-weekly seasonal TTs. Once you pass the start finish line, the clock starts and resets after each lap. There is a ghost of your first clean lap and the object is to race around until you get your best time.

Here’s the kicker. If you leave the race to adjust your settings, you start all over again. Your last best lap is now recorded and moves down or stays the same depending on your next lap time. Keep this part in mind. You can’t back out and come in again with the same car or your times start from scratch.

As with the seasonal TTs, hitting a wall or taking a shortcut changes the clock to red and your time isn’t counted. Hit the wall hard enough and your whole next lap is invalidated. Only clean laps count. Keep this in mind too.

Let’s say you have a list of ten cars. Why ten? Because there are only 10 time slots in any of the practice menus. If you were to tune each of those cars to one particular track, race them one by one, you’d have ten best-lap times after you’d raced them all. If you were to take a photo of that screen, once you’re through, and compare it to mine or someone else’s, you’d have a pretty good idea of who could pis…sorry, of who was the better driver at that time on that track in that list of cars.

You could compare each car or total time, it wouldn’t really matter. Total time would be interesting, kind of like the CPU test results that give a computer a such and such rating (FPS for video cards). It would be easy to see which cars that driver handled best, as well.

I’ve been considering this for a few days and this is what I’ve considered.

1. Personally, I like the Tokyo track. First, I like it to test top speed tunes on instead of Sarthe because the long straight is right there after the first turn. Second, it has no shortcuts so I can’t cheat myself by cutting a corner. Third, it has the sweetest long turn in GT5. Fourth, it has the bob-sled section at the end where you could easily smack the right side then the left and turn the clock red. Fifth, it has a small high-speed chicane and finally, it has two very tight corners, a hairpin at the start and a sharp right hander after the long straight. OK, there is a seventh, on the straight there is a jog halfway down that if you don’t take at the right speed means you smack the wall on the left.

2. My car choices would include:

1. a kart FGT or an F10

3. a Miura

4. a 2J 5. the FT565 Twin Turbo Audi (because I’m Canadian and this car is very fast)

6. a Cotterham Fireblade

7. a GTR but I don’t race them but I know everyone likes them

8. a Shelby (the ’66 not the new one)

9. one of the touring cars, up for grabs

10. maybe the Red Bull (my time in it was 1:06 to give you an indication of how bad I am).

3. The process would be to take each car, tune the crap out of it, get your times down as low as possible, then start the event. Clear the results then run laps with each car in the list until you get your ten best times. The best times would have to be clean laps which eliminates banging the wall and shortcuts (which don’t apply to Tokyo anyway) and, should you back out to tune, you’d have to start all over again. We’d need a time for each car to be able to enter the event.

4. People will mention SRF and the other aids but we’ve got to start somewhere. If you race best with SRF, use it. If you are a purist, don’t. Times are all that matter and there won’t be an asterisk beside any time, no matter what aids were used. No tuning cheats, of course.

5. As time goes by, we would post the lowest total times at the top of the thread. All you’d need is a digital photo of your screen to prove your skill.

I probably missed something here but you folks will be able to pick this apart before the PIC (people in charge) decide. Oh yeah, Tokyo is a very short, fast track. You won’t get old racing ten cars around it. All of the cars I mentioned will do it in about two minutes or less. Even the kart is very close to that time.

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B6 Race Cheat – GT5 Prologue

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

On the second corner, use the wall to help you turn the corner. You must keep you foot (or finger!) on the accelerator throughout the whole corner. Don’t prod or lift a little… slam it all the way down!

Then when going through the other corners hold through the inside line while again being flat on the accelerator. The other cars around you will help you stay on track. This will help you finish in 1st place very easily.

Have fun and Good luck!!


Ford GT Cheat – Easy Money

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Another easy money cheat using a Ford GT. 45k for coming first and a whopping 26k for coming 6th! Cash up and buy cars, girls.. whatever.


Nissan GTR R35 Suzuka Cheat

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

This is one way to break the lap record! This is after the first corner(s) (two right hand bends) following the start finish straight at Japan’s Suzuka circuit. As it appears in this video… just keep running straight and join the esses half way in.. nice!


Hitting Walls in GT5 Prologue – Faster Laps

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

We all remember the previous Gran Turismo games and how you could simply scrape your car against a wall through a tight bend and gain an extra 2 seconds or more per lap.

Then GT5 came along and it seems that this cannot be done with their ‘penalties’ and all. Not the case.

What you need to do is make sure the FRONT of the car does not hit the wall. So yes, long gone are the days where you could just go head first into a bend and get an awesome sling shot out. But it doesnt mean you can’t take advantage of the walls! GT5 Cheats has worked something out! In GT5 prologue, if you hit the wall with the side of the car first… you can very easily slide quickly along the wall. But don’t hit front first because you will be penalized.

Be creative, use the handbrake if need be… and use the side of your car to help you use the walls for faster lap time! This is perfect for getting some of those almost impossible gold award lap times, and of course, the big money.


Easy Cash Method 2 – S Class (Prologue)

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

First this is for those who have gotten to Class S.

You will need to get a fast car. Such cars include the Ferrari F430, Audi R8, Ford GT or the great handling Tuned Viper car.

Now race the 680p Daytona race which awards $32,500 Cash for winning a 5 lap race. This should be really easy with any of the fast cars mentioned above. There are penalties in this race so you may have to give it a few goes until you can run a clean race and take the money. But once you have mastered it, you should have no problems winning every time.


GT5 Online Money Maker

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

If you want money then playing online is possibly the best way to make really good GT5 money and have fun at the same time.

Online game play is not only awesome but the rewards are spectacular. Most wins will net you $50,000 or more even if there are only 2 cars on the track. Play 1 hour online and you’ll make as much money as playing a whole day of non-networked play. Plus, it’s just more fun. No brainer here!


Quick Easy $20,000 – B Class (prologue)

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

It simply doesn’t get easier than this.

Grab your fastest car (I don’t mean your cappuccino, I’m talking about a FAST car). What you need to do is simply go to the B-Class and Join Race 1.

Now you’re going to be competing against cars much slower, so technically if you can simply make it around the track then you should win. The beauty about race 1 is that no matter your car, you will be allowed to join.

Try using the F1 car for some laughs.

This will be the easiest $20k you will ever make, real or virtual.


Mines Skyline Alternate $27,000 Cheat (prologue)

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

This is similar to the previous technique where you simply wait on the line until you can draft an overlapping car in that it gets you the same amount of money but uses a different approach.

Using this method, use the pit lane to give you a quick run. Remember the next lap after your first is the one that counts. Using the pits will give you a straighter and faster run.

Simple approach that can be used over and over again. Once you have hit the gold time,  just pause and exit the game to get your money.


Mines Skyline Cheat – $27,000 (prologue)

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

This is the way to get $27,00 easily in only a couple of minutes.


S Class Target, Win the Gold by getting under 47.5 seconds using your Mines Skyline.


  1. Join the S Class and enter the race with the Mines Skyline
  2. On race start, do not accelerate .
  3. Wait just under 45 seconds.
  4. At 9:15 remaining, accelerate.
  5. Stay under the yellow line through the first corner.
  6. Once you see the Ford GT go by tuck into its slipstream.
  7. Keep in the slipstream (stay as close as you can to the back of the car in front).
  8. This will give you plenty of speed and enable you to easily accomplish a Gold Time.
  9. This will give you $27,000. Lather, Rinse and Repeat until you have as much money as you want.