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Turbo Series Quick Money – 36k in under 4 Minutes!

Friday, December 10th, 2010

You will need level 17 for this one. Its pretty straight forward and not unlike the other fast money approaches.

Access the Turbo Challenge in the extreme series and enter a decent car. The video below shows a worked GTR which if your at level 17 already, shouldn’t be an issue to get and modify. A decent driver could manage a lap in the low 1 minute somewhere. Its a 3 lap race which nets you 36k. So effectively by doing 3 turbo races in about 10 or so minutes you could have another 100k to spend on your next car. Not a bad way to vary the way you have money.

Check the video out below:

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2 Days to go!

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Only a couple of days left and GT5 will finally (and I mean finally) be here.

If anyone has already got their hands on a copy please let us know by leaving a comment. I know 1 guy who has got a copy and he has been doing some great work in giving a fully detailed review.

Check it out here