Fast Money GT5 – Level 22 and 83k in 5mins

You must be already on level 22 to be able to make use of this fast money trick.

There is a load of money to be made when you reach this level. One example would be to race in the Extreme Series using a quick car.

Just 5 laps around the Rome circuit will net you 83k hard cash in your GT5 bank (assuming you win the race!).

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So that’s well over 150k in about 10 minutes… actually with loading times as they are, maybe 20 minutes! But hey we also have a cheat for loading times! Check that out here.

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3 Responses to “Fast Money GT5 – Level 22 and 83k in 5mins”

  1. Cory Gillmore Says:

    If you guys are looking for the best cash to be made in the game, then look no further than the Extreme series American Championship series of races. There’s a 5 lap race at Indy Oval that I complete in 4 minutes for 98,000 credits. I use a Race Modified Corvette ZR-1 and murder the competition. There’s also a race at Lauguna Seca that takes about 7 minutes but it’s much more fun so I mix it in every once in a while too. You could easily make over 1,000,000 in less than an hour if you don’t die of boredom first. This series is my go to series for quick cash and it’s the highest paying single non-endurance race in the game. Also has the best time/cash ratio in the game.

  2. Eli Haywood Says:

    Cory’s right, itz real ez to make money in gt5, just gotta know which maps and races to enter

  3. andy Says:

    As goes for quick money, try the Red Bull X2010 on ‘Like the Wind’ level 21, the car can be bought or transfered to you. Its 5 laps and in the car you can do 33 second laps or less with speeds of between 280 – 307mph and completed in just over 3 minutes and 88,000 richer.
    So with loading times you can get roughly 1.4million in an hour..