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You didn't miss much dude, it turned into demolition derby on a colossus scale haha

I just noticed my 'new' signature. Hahaha. Very funny!


The story (from Yahoo Autos)

"Most owners of the tiny Fiat 500 don't think, "Hey, you know what this car needs? A 580-hp V-12 from a Lamborghini Murcielago." In the same breath, most owners don't decide they need a more compact package - like a Fiat 500 - to house said engine. Most, however, is not all, as is showcased with thisOemmedi Meccanica modified Fiat 500. It once held a 3.2 liter Porsche six, a Ferrari V-8, and now it's home to the 6.2 liter Murcielago V-12."

This looks suspiciously like something I've seen in the GT5Cheats race room.

As AndyT said in a message to me "you da boss" for this one :D
chaos, carnage, madness, driving the wrong way, dirty nascar, clean racing maybe some "banger-bashing" on the Top Gear Track and I might even suggest doing the nurburghring.... in reverse... who knows what will happen ;)

We need more people from this forum on there so go on, spare an hour or two.... it`ll be worth it :)

room number to follow....

It is a lot of fun. Nothing serious, just some racing and shooting some bull about hacking and GT5. When Captain Morph says 'Dirty NASCAR'....he's right. Hahaha

that was a riot :D
poor waddy, always a good loser coming last, then there was rhinoafrica taking tips out of my book and going anyway he wanted too.... total chaos.... thanks everyone :D
I do think these events should be renamed 'Where's Waddy?'. Hahahaha

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Email sent. Hopefully that's what you wanted. I figured that was best instead of posting my details here. Sounds like a great idea.

I forgot to check the room number here first. I was on at 4:30 my time but didn't see anyone else online. I'll check here first next time.

Still 60 till the 10th. I will savour the last few days. Hahaha.

Brian here. Canadian living in Toronto. Figure I might be the oldest guy around, I'm 61 in about nine days. Don't look it, don't act it, that's for sure.
I was invited here by an online friend after seeing some juiced cars and driving one. I've played three GTs in total, 2,4 and 5 but 5 is the only one where I've used a wheel. Certainly not a purist and I play for relaxation (read: SRF on), but I think I'm decently fast regardless.
Career wise, I'm a freelance writer after being in sales for most of my life (cars,engine analysers, advertising,kitchens,etc.) and about ten years of design work (kitchens and baths). With about ten websites of my own (not much money changing hands), I walk from my office to my man cave almost every day at 5 to race.
Thanks to A. for inviting me!

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