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Author Topic: Can you get a f1 car for free?  (Read 16443 times)


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Re: Can you get a f1 car for free?
« Reply #15 on: Jul 02, 2011, 12:37 pm »

Help! I redeemed my level 24 ticket (that I actually earned) before I knew about the "backup/restore" trick or the "dupe" trick. I got stuck with a 2nd FGT of course.
Can someone please loan me a 24 ticket. I'll dupe it and return it, or better yet pay it forward to someone who also needs it. Let me know if you need a specific birthday ticket and I'll try to help as well.
Thanks guys, and I love the Forum!

Oh yeah. I can throw in the Gold Chrome paint if you'd like!

Edit: I now have the ticket and have duped it to get both Ferrari F1s. Thanks.
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Re: Can you get a f1 car for free?
« Reply #16 on: Dec 12, 2011, 03:37 am »

If you add ThatDYingGuy I will send you a level 24 ticket that you can use to redeem for the FGT.  Just make sure you back up your game save after receiving the ticket, then you can keep using the ticket until you get the FGT.  It's random, but again there's only the 3 cars in that ticket, so you'll get it fairly quick.

Hey there,

I know this is an old quote, but I am hoping that you still have your lvl 24 ticket that you can send to me. I  would really appreciate it...


My PSN is dustanmidlane. I'll add you and see if you respond

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