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Hi, I`m a member here and this is all about me

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I thought we needed a small area where we could introduce ourselves, likes, dislikes, jobs etc. I`ve seen too many people come rushing in here without any manners so thought I`d drop this in here.

Me name is Danny as most of you know, been a moderator on here since errrrmmmm forgotten :lol:
I like GT3 and GT5 but my copy of GT4 decided to go a bit "graham norton" on me. I work from home on PC`s and sometimes need to go out and work at people`s houses.
I used to be a builder but got made medically retired by my specialist as I had a failed back operation. I`m 43 hang on.... yup, definetly 43, married and loving life and this forum.
Well that`s enough about me.... now what`s the score on you :)

Ok, keeping it rolling...

I'm Andy (obviously), and again seem to be "part of the furniture" here!  :lol:

I'm a little bit younger than Stiggy (but not much). Been into GT since the very first one and followed it religiously ever since. I only really bother with driving games and rockband/guitarhero, occasionally dabbling into other games but nothing too deep. Driving and music, that's my bag.

Was married for 14 years but then I found a girl who totally changed my outlook on life and made me realise what true love was (awwww, soppy git). So I got divorced and started life again with her, been together over 4 years now.

I was, for most of my working life, a qualified graphic designer, but I got really bored sitting in a room with the same 5 people. So I jacked it in about 4 years ago, and now I'm a professional driver (aka roadhog) travelling over 60,000 miles a year. Never had an accident, so I'd say I was a decent driver.   :P

I'm very into building and modifying cars and motorbikes, I've had 2 cars and 3 bikes featured in national magazines.

Hi! My names Dave, 35, married (2nd time), and i have a son who's 3, and we live in the north west of England.
I work in the manufacturing industry, making printing ink for everyday packaging.
I started off playing gt2 on a friends ps, got hooked, then gt3 and gt4 on my own ps2.
I'm absolutely motorsport mad, f1, wrc, superbikes, etc,etc.
I'm heavily into my rock music, various bands, metallica, slash, g'n'r, taking dawn, iron maiden, the list goes on and on,
and one of my other hobbies, is playing the drums, loudly!

My turn!!! :D

I'm one of the younger guys around here I guess. I'm not one of those old guys with their gray hair and wrinkles :P I'm 22 and live in Holland, just like Outeke. Studying for Photographer at one of Hollands best Academy for Arts and really enjoying it. For my work check my website:
I'm also a fan of Graphic/Webdesign and that's also where I earn money in at this time but not that much. For work of that: I run this business with my brother. I do the design, he does the coding of a website.
I got a girlfriend for 3 years now.. celebrated our "anniversary" this weekend. Last friday. Just got back from a weekend down south in Holland.

GT5 is the first racing game/sim I ever bought for the PS3, I did got Motorstorm as a present but never really loved it. GT5 is good! I usually play FPS like Black Ops, Medal of Honor and all the previous Call of Duties.. religiously! I owned every single CoD game. Also, I love MMORPG's on my pc.. though I cannot handle big games on high quality like WoW or Guild Wars I like them and play them in my spare time or when I'm in my dorm.

That's about it I guess.. I'm gonna take some sleep now.. weekend was pretty active.
Cya all on the road!

My name's Danny too!
I live in South-east England, and I'm 16. I'm a student then, and I do well. I play football for a club and obviously I play games.
My favourite games that aren't GT5 are:
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I like the Gran Turismo series because I like cars, and my family have a bit of history in racing, though you probably wouldn't have heard of them. This is why I like all of my cars to be red and yellow, as these are the colours that all of the Hunn cars use.


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