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General Chat / Re: Hey guys
« on: Dec 08, 2014, 05:13 am »
hey hey,

Yeah GT6 kinda got me bored after a few months, platinum was rather easy to accomplish....
And we call Gt6 actually GT5.5, as it is a stripped down version :(

About the editor, there is only a CFW editor available, so if you want to 'play' around, you have to get yourself a modified console.

I really hope GT7 (+PS4) will be great, but I'll only buy it after I've reviewed different forums about it.

@Mike, yes, GTPlanet and NGU are still active in that way...

General Chat / Hello
« on: Oct 10, 2014, 07:24 am »
Hello everybody,

All OK here?



GT6 General Discussion / Re: Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 17, 2014, 11:14 pm »
This is the most inactive forum I've been on that I still like (even when it is this quiet)
Nobody wants to compete a bit in a Friendly TT? :)
I've been playing a lot last couple of days.

Arcade -> 10 laps Bathurst, any car (done 4 times now)
Arcade -> 4 laps Nordschleife, any car.
Arcade -> 30 laps Streets of Willow Springs -> G37 race.
Willow was great, start with daylight and finish in the dark. Since there are no lights on the track, you really learn the track :)
Never realized Arcade would be this fun. Just a pity the miles driven are not registered on the car?!???

GT6 General Discussion / Re: Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 11, 2014, 07:19 am »
My best was 2:01.710. I didn't master that tricky downhill corners yet.

Besides the first 2 corners most time can be won at the slalom downhill.
It is the same for me,  there I lose the most time.

Just noticed the event is closed,  so only Trial Mountain and Rome left!

GT6 General Discussion / Re: Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 10, 2014, 11:07 pm »
Outeke is unbeatable in VGT challenge, I got my arms hurt  :D

Hahaha sorry for the inconvinience (or how you write it)....
Fact, I actually disliked the TT, did a few laps and set a decent gold time.
But yesterday I got tired of Rome TT so decided to grab the VGT again.
Surprised as I was, I was enjoying the TT (I love Bathurst).
Currently set my time to 2.00.5xx but if I put a bit more time in it (another hour or so) I could bring down the time with at least 1 or 2 seconds.
But with current Olympic games, I'm not sure if I can find time.
What time did you drive?

GT6 General Discussion / Re: Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 09, 2014, 11:28 pm »
That's the Jag on Rome, right?  I'm only doing Trial Mt.  :)
Yeah, I think I have a OK time there...but surely not the best.
Recently done the VGT on Mt. Panorama, set a bit better time there too.
@brmilltduk, please send a FR to Outeke if you want to see my times.

GT6 General Discussion / Re: Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 07, 2014, 01:17 am »
I'm waiting for you!

Just managed to shave off .2 from my time! Currently at 1.09.7* :tup:
And know that I can at least go .4 seconds faster....(if I don't get a red lap)

GT6 General Discussion / Re: Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 05, 2014, 02:59 am »
Glad to hear that, Teal.  :) 

Does anyone know if there's a way to turn your friends lines off when you first start a TT? ('Superlap') I find that feature very distracting. Also, how does the game choose which of your friends lines to show? Anyone?

Hey J,

As far as I know you can only enable or disable ghost(lines)....
And I have no idea why it doesn't show everybody. The #1 on my friends list was not shown.
Until I got second, closed the PS3 and another day he was visible.
Guess a bug in the system??

Current standing Jaguar TT: Position 185 with a 1.09.927 :)

GT6 General Discussion / Re: Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 03, 2014, 11:06 pm »
Morning guys,

Thanks for the replies, wouldn't it be fun to setup a little battle for some of the TT's?
I'm not planning to do all of them myself, for example the MB Vision GT TT.
It's a lovely track but that car is just not fun to drive (?!)...
But I'm loving to do the 86GT and Jaguar TT's that recently came to live.
Whoever thinks it is interesting, we can setup threads and post used-tunes etc.
Currently on the Jaguar TT I managed a 1.11.787 with enough room to shave off 1 or 2 seconds.

GT6 General Discussion / Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 02, 2014, 11:17 pm »
Hey all,

I was wondering, who of you does the TT's?
I've finally found some time to start doing some of them (concentrate on a few instead of all)
And I hope to participate in them as often as possible (at least drive once a week)

So, who does them and are not yet on my Outeke SEN? I might send some invites :)

ps. Trial Mountain Toyota 86GT TT: Current time 1.34.177 (with at least .4 to improve)

General Chat / Re: Stiggy`s diary
« on: Jan 29, 2014, 06:02 am »
Part of the reason trading got removed is because it was used as a way to steal Stealth/Chromeline/dlc cars.  I'm not suprised to see it removed.

I can say, I got quite some intel on the trading part. But Stealth/Chromeline and DLC has never been able to be spread over the trading system. This could also not happen as you need to have the "rights-to-own" file present on your PS3 (which is not send with the car when trading it)

They were able to gift Chromline/stealth cars. They had to use a hacked ticket. One that looked like a civic, but cashed in as a DLC car.  So they were always in ticket from, and woudln't save. So you had to save your game, with the hacked tickets unused.  Cash in the tickets, use the cars. then restore the game with the un cashed tickets.

So, that all has nothing to do with the gift system. (We made trading out of it, but that was never PD's intension).
For spreading DLC cars, using a hacked ticket was one solution. To obtain DLC cars without the trading system was also possible.
I can even tell you (now that GT5 is history), some guys even figured out how to "keep" the DLC cars as car without losing them.
Lucky that never got public and no tools been written to do that either.

IMO the gifting system got removed because all cars are available in the dealer.

General Chat / Re: Stiggy`s diary
« on: Jan 26, 2014, 11:20 pm »
Part of the reason trading got removed is because it was used as a way to steal Stealth/Chromeline/dlc cars.  I'm not suprised to see it removed.

I can say, I got quite some intel on the trading part. But Stealth/Chromeline and DLC has never been able to be spread over the trading system. This could also not happen as you need to have the "rights-to-own" file present on your PS3 (which is not send with the car when trading it)
I do think, like Andy said, the trading system was implemented to extend somewhat the lifespan of GT5. Which didn't, so they came up with rules for them.
Currently all cars are available in the dealer, so who needs to trade anyway when you can buy them directly?
Personally I miss the trading system, but on the other hand, I'm happy it doesn't exist anymore.
It took way too much time and I thought it was extreme annoying in the end to have to start up the PS3 every single day to furfill the promises you made (trading schedules)
Now I just buy a car I want to drive and jump in it!!!
I've golded everything gold, currently at 99% of the game (expect RB races to be the last 1%)
Started to do the career for the second time now from start using other cars and only use a wheel, no aids (ABS=1) and MT :)

Little tip for all those that haven't completed the special licenses as of yet on GT6

The 3 cars I used to do the whole Special licence stage was a Ferrari FXX  , a McLaren F1 GTR-BMW and lastly a Toyota GT-One (TS020) '99 all tuned to the mandatory PP limit.
If it asks what tyres you need DO NOT pick HARD as you'll have no grip, I chose the medium compound above it as it gave me cornering speed but I did lose tyre length duration so, with a tuned car that equalled out duration with a boost of top speed.

Now some of those races I won by a country mile, even lapping 2nd place .... In the wet! ..... How? .... By not putting on wet tyres, yes the car was a little skittish but easy acceleration and it was a doddle. I also noticed the fuel consumption so done a bit of maths:-

24 mins was around 4 laps at Nurburgring, come in on lap 3 NOT 2.
10 laps around spa come in on lap 4 and 8.
Willow springs was a bugger but the FXX your racing against will come in on lap 6 and 8.

I will try and remember what else I worked out (pit stop) for all the races in this event.

I completed the whole special licence in a few hours, it was good but lacked the 9 and 24hr races.

If your talking about the Special 20/24minutes races?

Take out your Rocket car, put RH on them and just start.
You do not need to pit....so easy win for all races :)

Note. the 24M Le Mans is the hardest...

GT6 General Discussion / Re: 125 kart races
« on: Jan 09, 2014, 10:50 pm »
You are not going to win the 125 kart championship with a DS3.  You can gold the first two races, but you will NOT win the last one  Or come in second.  Or third, fourth, or fifth.  I guess I'll have to buy one of those "5 second advantage" cheat codes most of the world calls a wheel.

Hey mate,

I'm a DS3 user...and I golded the championship (1st race gold, 2nd race gold, 3rd race 3rd)

I've managed in the Championship to become 3rd in the Arena.
I almost got 2nd in the Arena, but due to -a bit over excited button tapping- I spinned in the last corner.

And I know for sure there are others that actually won it with a DS3.

For me the best settings to do the Arena are:

Ballast (0kg)
Ballast position -50 (add a bit of weight if you cannot move this, after, remove weight)
Top speed 160km/h

Go smooth and tap the throttle button like your shooting....x..x...x..x...x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(only soft-full throttle when kart is straight again)

Good luck mate!

Hahhah awesome dancing :)

*don't try this at your local club*

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