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General Chat / Hello
« on: Oct 10, 2014, 07:24 am »
Hello everybody,

All OK here?



GT6 General Discussion / Seasonal TT's
« on: Feb 02, 2014, 11:17 pm »
Hey all,

I was wondering, who of you does the TT's?
I've finally found some time to start doing some of them (concentrate on a few instead of all)
And I hope to participate in them as often as possible (at least drive once a week)

So, who does them and are not yet on my Outeke SEN? I might send some invites :)

ps. Trial Mountain Toyota 86GT TT: Current time 1.34.177 (with at least .4 to improve)

Hey everybody,

I've come across a new tool from Luca (wonder why he didn't posted it here)
So I've decided to make the post here instead (copy from NGU, Sorry Luca)


I noticed people was a bit bored on PD's tradinglimits  and I figured how to get over it, here is the cure for it finally!

TUTT (The Ultimate  Trading Tool)

What Can I do with this tool?

With this tool you can send unlimited Paints, Car\LVL tickets and Special Tickets.

How to Use:

  • Open the program
  • Click "Select" and find your save
  • Click enable or disable multitrading, depends on what you want to do.
  • Click Cars/Tickets if you want to trade them unlimited/day or make them usable again.
  • Click Paints if you want to trade them unlimited/day or make them usable again.
  • Click Special tickets if you want to trade them unlimited/day or make them usable again.

Sender of goods enables multi trading = You can trade as many items/day you want.
Receiver of goods disable multi trading = You can now access your items again.

What happends when you make these for multi-trade?

Car tickets:
Car tickets will no longer be shown at the truck so you can't open them, however you can still see them in the "Gift Car Ticket" slot when you look for them in the items list. You are able to trade without limits!

Paints will not be seen throught the GTAuto, however you can still see them normally in the "Coloured Paint" list throught the items list. You are able to trade without limits!

Special tickets:
GTAuto tickets(Car Wash, Oil Change, Overhaul Engine, Restore Body Rigidity) will work normally even after you have enabled them for multi-trading. But Car Restoration Ticket won't work unless you make it "disabled" again. You are able to trade without limits!


Alternative Downloads:

Remember that the receiver must have this program too if he wants to be able to use the items!

Thanks for:
LucaTurilli for his awesome coding skills on this program.
JK83 for testing and helping a bit to get this thread up.
And to people required for program to work(flatz..etc)

Multiplayer Lounge / Suggestions for Wednesday 8th May
« on: May 07, 2013, 12:32 pm »
Hey all,

Looking forward to tomorrow evening!

A suggestion, a stock Midget race, 2 or 3 laps on Nordschleife (Nurburgring)?
A lap takes about 8 minutes, but since it's such a long track, a 2 or (preferred) 3 laps race would be great fun!

I assume most of us owns a Midget :)

Gran Turismo Trading / GT Academy suits 2012
« on: Dec 19, 2012, 02:56 am »

I've got my hands on some kick-ass gear (GT Academy Suits)!!
Normally they are not tradeable, but these are.
I've send 6 to Andy and thought, maybe others want some too...

So, here I offer the suits for free, after receiving just help to spread to others that want it too!

Anybody wanna? :D

Gran Turismo Trading / Who collects? I Collect! Really? Yeah!
« on: Sep 28, 2012, 03:44 am »
Haha, since this part of the forum is only collecting dust...I've came to another small list of cars I try to catch on one of my subs...

The cars I currently seek on Ouwtje (replica account)

Holden Commodore SS '04

Buick Special -Pending-
Saleen S7 '02 -pending-

They do not have to be 0/0 but as long as they have no permanent mods (Weight/Engine etc)

Time is on our side, in the end I would be sending them 1 at the time from my main account to my sub myself.

Cheers everybody, thanks for reading! :)


Gran Turismo Trading / What is your colour
« on: Sep 14, 2012, 04:39 am »
Hello friends,

Collecting never ends, as long as there is no sight of GT6....
Premiums become standards, more and more...

Now we have an OCD with 2 Pre-Standards..

The Camaro Z28 and the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

Whoever would want to help out, please post your colors :)

Oh, mine are:

Camaro Z28 in Champagne Gold Metallic
Mercedes Benz in Feuerwehrrot

Muchios Gracias.


General Chat / BNC/Proxy needed
« on: May 29, 2012, 04:25 am »

You might wonder, a BNC? Yeah a Bouncer. A proxy, I need one (preferable .SE, but any other country would maybe work too).

So, anybody with computer knowledge and knows how to edit your router... (in 9999 -> out 80 -> world)
So I can do something fun (it doesn't generate lot of traffic, and no it is not illegal)

Thanks for whomever can help out!

Thanks a lot.

General Gran Turismo Talk / My replica's...
« on: May 08, 2012, 04:27 am »
I've started with a group of friends, to actually build replica's from original cars...
This means, right weight, right power, right suspension, right gearbox settings, etc etc etc.
Not always possible..as Gt5 has certain limits and not from every car you can find details online..

The great thing about these replica's, most go on Comfort or Sports tires. With a good balanced car, it is like heaven on those tires :-)
A hole new level of experience you will get when traveling with one of these babies!!!

And this is my garage so far!!

(14 are pending, all others are in! Oh and 19 are missing pictures)

996 GT3RS - White/Red PRODRIVE GC010G wheels - 380hp/1360kg (996GT3RSWR) Original link

997 GT3RS - Black/Orange CE28N wheels - 450hp/1370kg (997GT3RSBO) Original link

Camaro ZL-1

2012 Mustang BOSS 302 "Laguna Seca"

Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-Tune

BMW M3 GTS Original link

Roush 427R Trak Pak Mustang, 435HP, 1676kg, works out to be 495pp Original link

Fiat 500 Abarth, 160HP, 1149kg, works out to be 395pp

Stillen 370Z *Replicated myself* Original Link

AVUS Performance Audi TT-RS 460hp


AVUS Performance Tuned GTR 580hp

Romeo Ferreris Alfa Brera

AC Schnitzer ACS1 Sports Coupe

Australian Swift Racing Series car

Subaru WRX STi RB320

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ-400

Jaguar XFR-S

Jaguar XKR 'Black pack' (Midnight Black, Porcelain, Kyanite Blue Metallic & British Racing Green) Original link


Camaro SSX Racing Concept

Matchless Crowd Racing (MCR) R35 GT-R Original link


Matchless Crowd Racing (MCR) Z34 370Z

ZELE Z34 370Z

Top Secret CR-Z

Senner Tuning's Whitelady Z

TMC Bathurst Club Spec (Evo)

Koenigseder Nissan GT-R

Audi R8 ABT GTS Original link

Anderson Ferrari 458 Italia Black Edition

Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo TT Stage 1

Ford GT Geiger HP790

Novitec Ferrari 599 GTB

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

Edo Competition Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640

Hamann Hawk SLS AMG

Geiger Corvette Z06 Black Edition

Top Secret GTR R35 Original link

Edo Competition Aston Martin DBS

Emotion Wheels BMW M3 Coupe Stage 1

Nextmod x R35 GT-R

Stillen Ford GT 700hp

Edo Competition Ferrari California Spider

Volvo C30 PCP Polestar Edition

General Gran Turismo Talk / How my playseat came to life!
« on: Mar 16, 2012, 04:15 am »
Hello fellow drivers,

I've promised Andy to make a little thread on how I'm building my playseat.
The first idea would be to build it from PVC pipe, but in a stable size that costs easily 50 Euros.
And we're going for the cheapest way to have some entertainment.

So far I bought a secondhand DFGT and I drove to the DIY-store and bought wood and screws.

1x DFGT (secondhand)      : 59,95 Euro
1x 16mm x 50mm x 3400mm: 01.89 Euro
1x 27mm x 44mm x 2100mm: 02.15 Euro
1 box of 40x40 screws      : 04.95 Euro
Some pieces of MDF          : Free from the attic

Pictures, building manual (on request) and feedback asap!

Cheers :)

Gran Turismo Trading / YAAMR - You guess and you win!
« on: Jan 24, 2012, 03:06 am »
Yet Again Another Mega Raffle (YAAMR)
(copy of GTP post!)
Hi everybody,

After doing a little 1 on 10 giveaway, we try something new again.

I will take Tess, my Red Mica Midget II D type '98, for a grand tour.
Let me introduce Tess (photo borrowed from mygranturismo.net - Thank you!)

The grand tour will take place at the following track.. (photo borrowed from the world wide web - Thank you!)

And it is up to you to guess how long that would take. (hh:mm:ss.xxx)
The one with the closest time will be the winner.
Editing your post, in any way, will make your guess invalid and so you would be out!

The time will be recorded on 01-30-2012 19.00 GMT (Dutch time 20.00 CET), in my lounge, so whoever want to join me on this Midget trip, your more then welcome!
Be aware of the limited amount of people that can join a lounge, so pre-notify me if you want to join the roadtrip.
If you don't show up, you will be removed from the competition (so be sure you know you can join)

In all fairness.....as I don't work for the salvation army and don't want to just send double's, I kindly ask you
to choose a set to receive and to tell me which of that set you already own.
This way, you'll get yourself a completed set and I can come up with another giveaway.

*NOTE: So for all the greedy people out there who would just choose the "most cars", STAY AWAY, WE DON"T WANT YOU HERE!

As for the prize.....one of these sets can be chosen:

Daihatsu Midget II D type '98:
  • Emerald Green Metallic (Miss Piggy)
  • Off Black Mica (Samantha)
  • Red (Florence)
  • Red Mica (Tess)
  • White (Belinda)
  • Yellow (Tina)
Marcos Mini Marcos GT '70:
  • Arctic White
  • Bahama Yellow
  • British Racing Green
  • Mid Chrome Yellow
  • Royal Blue
  • Tartan Red
Nismo 400R '96:
  • Black
  • Lightning Yellow
  • Sonic Silver Metallic
  • Super Clear Red II
Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy Version) '08:
  • Blade Silver (M)
  • Brilliant Silver (M)
  • Brilliant White Pearl (3P)
  • Diamond Black (P)
  • Premium LeMans Blue (3P)
  • Premium Ultimate Yellow
  • Titanium Gray (TM)
  • Vibrant Red (C)
GT-R SpecV (GT Academy Version) '09:
  • Brilliant White Pearl (3P)
  • Dark Metal Gray (M)
  • Super Black
  • Ultimate Opal Black (RP)
  • Vibrant Red (C)
Mugen MUGEN S2000 '00:
  • black
  • blue
  • purple
  • red
  • silver
  • white
  • yellow
Renault Sport Clio Renault Sport Trophy Race Car '00:
  • black #33
  • blue #55
  • dark yellow #9
  • pink #99
  • red #5
  • silver #3
  • white #66
  • yellow #22
Renault Sport Lutecia Renault Sport Trophy Race Car '00:
  • black #33
  • blue #55
  • dark yellow #9
  • pink #99
  • red #5
  • silver #3
  • white #66
  • yellow #22
Subaru IMPREZA Super Touring Car:
  • black #97
  • red #87
  • silver #57
  • white #77
Toyota ALTEZZA Touring Car:
  • grey / black #24
  • grey / blue #35
  • grey / red #40
  • grey / yellow #10
Honda INTEGRA TYPE R Touring Car:
  • blue #31
  • red #31
  • yellow #31
Ticket set:
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 2007
  • 2006
If you happen to have "all" of the above, you are allowed to talk to me about a different prize! This would be a single car/ticket.

Enjoy, good luck and see you at the next one!


*NOTE: A thank you to Duck for his Color sheet!
*NOTE: Anybody able to help me out with getting the reply on youtube? :)
*NOTE: If anything is unclear in the OP, please ask before posting. I will not show compassion if you screw up.
*NOTE: The OP can be changed in any way at any time, which will be announced by a post in this thread and a reference from the OP.

Time table:
 0:09:09.118 by JK83
 0:10:00.000 by Roxy2
 0:11:43.500 by s15240drifter
 0:11:57.345 by Igwyana
 0:12:00.000 by Duck
 0:12:00.001 by f1_stig
 0:12:15.987 by Ryanerb
 0:12:23.543 by rperrone
 0:12:26.345 by Goukipau
 0:12:37.420 by gt5keith
 0:12:51.000 by gt5fanatic
 0:13:13:130 by StrikerTek
 0:13:18:807 by jkt008
 0:13:22.666 by HatedHero
 0:13:27:491 by OCE_CAP_SHADOW
 0:13:41.548 by Cbarbosa
 0:13:49:002 by cphbullet
 0:14:06.439 by sped1966
 0:14:11.577 by Hoodfield
 0:14:41.458 by Christara321
 0:14:45.768 by Thenextbob
 0:15:02.164 by dahcmai
 0:15:21:182 by The guy who did
 0:15:28.125 by Ch1potle
 0:16:31.456 by nt1138*
 0:17:45.831 by Rob192005
 0:18:23:639 by gordongt
 0:19:24.240 by I love GT5
 0:34:53.566 by Karl53

General Gran Turismo Talk / Super Speed Special Route X
« on: Jan 18, 2012, 06:16 am »
So, seen some movies on Utupe, how boring is that anyway.

It takes around 3m40s with a X1 @ 500km/h to do one lap....
A day or 2 with a Midget...

So anybody really waiting for it and why?

OK, been doing this drift now for a few evenings and still think it is the hardest drift I ever had to do.
I'm using a drift-tuned Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34) '08..

Highest score 3250 points or so...yaay! Silver...lol

Anybody has some tips for me? :D

Gran Turismo Trading / Current OCD cars
« on: Dec 05, 2011, 01:00 am »
Hello fellow GT5 racers, players, watchers and collectors,

I've been nagging to people to check there OCD car colors, and now I ran into a hand full of colors that I still miss!

Citroen C3 1.6 '02
  • Grilyne
  • Gris Aluminium
Seat Ibiza Cupra '04
  • Azul lluvia
  • Azul swing
  • Rojo emocion
  • Verde agua
  • Verde merlin
Volkswagen Golf IV R32 '03
  • Moonlightblue Perleffekt
The list might become smaller as there are still some OCD's I need to buy from directly :D
But at least these are the last missing ones.


ps. For the ones with a PM, I also need Bugatti colors :D

Gran Turismo Trading / Wanted car unknown yet....
« on: Nov 16, 2011, 01:09 am »
Hello fellow GT monsters,

Lets keep this section of the forum alife!

The search for car has again been found, before you all woke up hehehe
If I need another car, I will re-use this thread.

Have a nice day.


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