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GT6 General Discussion / mail from Sony
« on: Jan 25, 2015, 06:18 am »
Did anyone else got an e-mail from sony stating that you must change your password?? it's an odd mail, they do not explain why you must or should change your e-mail. Frankly it says little else then change your password lol. Is this a legit mail or is it some sort of phising?

P.S. good to back here, got so little time these days since we opened our own restaurant in January 2014

GT6 General Discussion / B-Spec
« on: Dec 06, 2013, 12:17 am »
am i the only one that misses B-spec? oh and damn i found yesterday still a car with no interieur only a windscreen with black around it :( it was a BMW 1 series the hatchback (3 door version)

General Gran Turismo Talk / thanks
« on: Jun 15, 2012, 03:42 am »
I just wanted to say a "big thank you" to everyone who helped me recently with cars, paits, suits, helmets, etc. You guys rock!  ;)

General Gran Turismo Talk / GT Academy 7+8
« on: Jun 11, 2012, 02:24 am »
I find challege 7+8 very hard to do. I got 6 out of 10 on gold sofar but with the rest i'm a somwhere between 1/10 and full seconde of the pace for gold and i cannot go faster then that. Maybe it's because i'm playing with a controller instead of a wheel i don't know. Anyway if do not get them to gold does anyone know what i'm missing out? And do i still get the cars from the first 6 challenges if i do not complete challenge 7+8?

General Gran Turismo Talk / Ben er weer!
« on: Jun 02, 2012, 11:35 am »
Mijn Playstation is een paar maanden geleden overleden :( Ik heb sinds vrijdag weer een nieuwe :) het is alleen zo kut dat ik helemaal opnieuw moet beginnen :( ik ben dus ook m'n speciale auto's kwijt zoals de die zwarte nissan GTR met witte letters (ik dacht dat die van de vorige academy was). en nog een paar special gedownloade actiemodellen. Daar baal ik het meest van die Nissan was m'n meest favourite auto. Ik ben ook die Vettel F1 auto kwijt die we kriegen toen Vetten weer WK kampioen was vorig jaar.Helaas.. Had ook nog een paar mooie lakkleuren zoals een goude en zilvere. Ik heb geprobeerd een externe HD aan m'n playstsion te koppelen om te kijken of ik alles kone overzetten maar die wordt not herkend helaas.
Maar goed genoeg negativiteit hehe.. ik ben er weer en ga weer hard aan de slag om weer wat te bereiken ben nu lvl 4 lol
fijn weekend allemaal.
Groet Rowddy.

General Gran Turismo Talk / free games what free games ?
« on: Jun 07, 2011, 01:47 am »
i downloade yesterday 1 of the 2 free games after countless error messgaes i finally got it start downloading, the next morning however i discovered that the download was broken because there was not enough space on the HD :(

I mean come on wtf i have a playstation3 but my HD is not so big it seems but at that time there was no choice. i have just 3 games on there that's it. So SONY txs but no txs for offering free games which (i'm sure i'm not the only one) can't doffload.

I feel so ripped off now.

Hi Guys,

Anyone know how long this Playstation-Store will be offline?? i need the codes for my bonuscars and i cannot acces them:( or are they in another place aswell?


General Gran Turismo Talk / Clock
« on: May 18, 2011, 10:09 pm »
Hi Guys i got a good question also which i cannot figure out myself..

I always get a pop-up in GT3 that my clock is not correct and it is 1 hour off indeed. Now the funny part is that the PS3 clock is correct. So how can i adjust the GT3 clock?? That pop-up bugs me MEGA :)

General Gran Turismo Talk / 2th account
« on: Mar 24, 2011, 11:25 pm »
Can anyone tell me step by step how to start a second acount, i presume a 3th one is a repeat of the 2th? I can't figure out how to do that and the GT5 manual simply not even mention it. So how do i start a second account in GT5 in easy steps??

General Gran Turismo Talk / 3 questions
« on: Mar 05, 2011, 05:45 am »
helloo everyone
i'm new here at the forum. I got 3 questions about GT5...
1. How can i start a second A-Spec carreer?  i want to switch between them.
2. My A-spec driver has a black suit with the lime green helmet and gloves and shoes now since the last patch my black suit changed into a light blue suit. (which combination huts the eyes now) How can i cahange back to my black suit?
3. i nee to do some races in A-spec for which i don't seem to win the right cars they are expensive so i not have enough credits to buy them how to proceed now? My A-spec driver has lvl 28 and i done all races whicj i could incl. the long distances ones. The races i still need to do are for instance the classic racecars, the GT5 formula, the normal race cars etc all cars which cost minimal 4-5 milion. I looked on this forum and i see that for certain races i win totaly different cars then mentioned on this forum. So i'm kinda stuck here atm. Anyone got any thoughts on how to proceed?
Regards Rowddy51

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