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Title: Early '60s - 1971 Car Specs
Post by: waddy2001 on Sep 01, 2013, 02:16 pm
About 35 years ago, I came across a "Sanford Evans Motor Vehicle Data' book. It was under a drawer in my desk at the dealership where I used to sell cars. It's got complete specs of all cars sold in Canada from the early '60s up to the 1970-71 model year.
Back then, Toyota wasn't marketing cars here but Nissan (Nisson in the book) was, under the Datsun name. There are lots of British, French and German cars listed also. Some were dangerously underpowered for Canada while others were road rockets. Pontiac, for one, had engines that had more BHP than cubic inches, believe it or not.
I've attached a couple of scans from the Dodge section so you can see the specs that are listed. If you have any special interest cars that you need data on, let me know. Prices are in Canadian dollars, of course.