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Title: Pricey but cool
Post by: Mike on May 17, 2014, 05:25 pm
I thought this was a little's a bike lock that has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, keyless entry via a iOS or Android mobile app, and motion sensing capabilities.
 Tech is cheap and I expect we'll see lots of ordinary things being outfitted with various enhanced sensors and communication capabilities. It's inevitable, really.
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 It's solar-powered so the battery gets charged whenever it's in light. The maker, Velo Labs, says one hour of sunlight can give the lock enough charge to last a week, while a fully charged battery can last a month or longer.
 If the bike is moved, stolen, or even nudged when you are away from it the lock can alert you using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities. Users can then alert the authorities and direct them to the site where the bike is being stolen or stripped. And that's not the extent of the motion sensors on the lock: Bikers involved in a crash might well have their lives saved by the Skylock, as it can judge the severity of impact and call an ambulance if necessary.

It's $250 now but I can see where this would eventually sell for ~$50 or so.