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GT6 General Discussion / It's finally here!
« on: Dec 06, 2013, 03:08 am »
Oh yes, bring it on you biatches!  8)

Thanks to Google Street View, you can now take a virtual tour of Honda’s three-floor Collection Hall, located in the grounds of the Twin Ring Motegi race track in Japan.

On the top floor, check out Ayrton's 1992 Mclaren MP4/7 among an amazing display of Honda racing machines.

Toggle between the other floors in Street View to tour a range of Honda classic cars, bikes, cutting-edge technology and much more.

Check out the whole collection in Street View here:


Always happy to adapt the sessions to what the guys want, so cast your vote and any requests too.   8)

Your host for this session will be Stiggy.

Some say, if you play his laugh backwards, you'll summon up a demon wanting your firstborn in exchange for an online Nascar win....   :P

Usual time, 2000gmt.   8)

Room number here around 1955gmt

See you there... 2000GMT start.   8)

Y'all know the score by now...   8)

Captain Stiggy of the good ship Insanity is in charge of proceedings this coming Saturday, as I have to be in London again.

Usual 2000 GMT start (unless he says otherwise)

Enjoy!   ;D

General Chat / Aluminium / Aluminum...
« on: Jul 04, 2013, 10:51 am »
...potayto, potahto  :P

So the Demo/Academy is now available from the PS Store... what are your opinions of it?

It's early days yet, but my own initial thoughts are here.

The physics. The cars (all three of them, lol) seem to give more feedback, in terms of what each wheel is actually doing on the road. The overall driving experience appears more realistic, you can feel the suspension working in all directions, not just front<>back and side<>side. It's an improvement for sure.

The graphics. The lighting is improved, whilst it's still not 100% photo-realistic, it's much better than in GT5. The jagged shadows that plagued GT5 are much smoother, again not totally perfect but much less distracting. The cardboard cutout scenery has been addressed, in as much as theres more thought to the edges of the models, so you don't notice it as much unless you're really looking for it.

Nice little animation details such as leaves falling and birds flying while you're actually racing are probably only noticeable subliminally, but do seem to add to the overall atmosphere. Rendering of things like dirt thrown up when you go off track, and tyre smoke, seem much improved too.

The views in the mirrors are much improved too.

Overall presentation and animations seem more polished. Again, probably too early to pass total judgement, but there are nice touches in the demo during the menus.

The sound. Hard to tell, because the Leaf still sounds like a steam kettle, but the 370Z sounds okay to me. Need to have more diverse cars to compare properly.

Usual 2000 GMT start  8)

Usual 2000 GMT start   ;D

Agenda, in no particular order:

Karts at TGTT
Nascar (Indy and/or Daytona)
Time-shift at La Sarthe or Nurburgring
Some silly mega-speed race, maybe with X1's?
Maybe some set-PP shuffle races too

Any other suggestions welcome!

As ever, 2000 GMT start


The change of Nascar track from Daytona to Indianapolis proved interesting, we could do that again.
A whole different setup/strategy is required from what we are used to!   :o

Any other race suggestions are welcome, just pop them down here.

Usual time, 2000 GMT

Room number here at 1955 GMT


10 Laps of La Sarthe in LMP cars,  with highspeed timechange and fuel/tyrewear
(Tribute to Le Mans weekend, suggested by Jaywalker)

BRZ-s/FR-S/FT-86 at TGTT in the rain if glitch works properly
(Suggested by Teal)

Daihatsu Midgets on Chamonix Mini Track with snow tyres
(Suggested by Waddy)

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