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Hybriding & Hacking / Jahgee's Stealth Service
« on: Apr 04, 2013, 09:09 pm »

Gran Turismo Racing Leagues / GP2 World Championship
« on: Feb 19, 2012, 11:05 pm »

A GT5 series based on F1's top feeder series has never been done before until now

612 HP 688 KG, Trac
tion Control; Driving Line & SRF Banned
Teams Available (Click Name to See Color)

Barwa Addax Team
Trident Racing
Team AirAsia
iSport International
Racing Engineering

Malaysian Grand Prix:  28 Laps
Bahrain Grand Prix:  33 Laps
United States Grand Prix:  45 Laps
Spanish Grand Prix:  41 Laps
Monaco Grand Prix:  78 Laps (Triple Points)
European Grand Prix:  29 Laps
British Grand Prix:  34 Laps
German Grand Prix:  31 Laps
Japanese Grand Prix:  28 Laps
Belgian Grand Prix:  23 Laps
Italian Grand Prix:  28 Laps
Singapore Grand Prix:  27 Laps

Team Drivers PSN's(Limit 3 per Team)
Barwa Addax Team
Trident Racing
Team AirAsia
iSport International:  nitrorocks
Racing Engineering
LotusART:  Jahgee1124

Qualifying Procedure
Two Drivers from every team must be present in the qualifying room before qualifying may begin.  As soon as all 16 are there, a 30 Minute Qualifying session will be held and the race will be automatically started after the qualifying session

Just say your team below if interested. 

Cars Allowed
Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
Chevrolet Camaro SS
Dodge Challenger SRT8
Ferrari F430
Ford Mustang V8
Jaguar XKR Coupe
Lexus IS-F
Maserati GranTurismo S
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Nurburgring GP
Daytona Road Course
Indy Road Course
Spa Francorchamps
Laguna Seca
Top Gear Test Track
Fuji Speedway
Le Mans
TBD, no AIDS other than Driving Line
Signup Form
I will send you a PM after I determine the specs so that you know what specs your car will have

Gran Turismo Racing Leagues / WEDNESDAY Jaguar XJ13 Cup
« on: Feb 11, 2012, 07:41 pm »
One make series using the Jaguar XJ13 (Chromeline Included), the specs are limited to 500 HP, 1000 KG & Racing Hard Tires.  Weather change tracks would be dependent on what the weather is in the area

We are aiming for a 18 week season.  The Special Top Gear Race will be held after all of those, it is just for fun and a light hearted way to end the season
This is a Wednesday series  the driving line and accelerating. 
If you feel you were wrecked and the person didn't wait, you may file a complaint with me and I will review it. 
All aids except ABS are off. 


Top Gear British Grand Prix: 106 Laps: March 7
Endurance van Spa: 36 Laps: March 14
Special Stage Route 5 Sprints: 21 Lap Races: March 21
Mitternacht Nordschleife Vorläufe: 4 Lap Races: March 28
Eiger Vorläufe: 33 Laps: April 4
Monaco Grand Prix: 78 Laps: April 11
Suzuka Taikyu-Sei: 26 Laps: April 18
Trial Mountain 100: 41 Laps: April 25
Emozione di Picco Sopportazione: 44 Lap Races: May 2
Resistenza di Monza: 56 Laps: May 9
London 100: 4 25 lap sprints: May 16
Season Finale Top Gear Demolition Derby: 100 Laps: May 23

Driver List GTP/PSN/Color
Jahgee1124/Botanical Green Metallic


50 Mile Sprint payouts

1st: 8
2nd: 7.5
3rd: 7
4th: 6.5
5th: 6
6th: 5.5
7th: 5
8th: 4.5
9th: 4
10th: 3.5
11th: 3
12th: 2.5
13th: 2
14th: 1.5
15th: 1
16th: .5

100 Mile Normal payouts

1st: 16
2nd: 15
3rd: 14
4th: 13
5th: 12
6th: 11
7th: 10
8th: 9
9th: 8
10th: 7
11th: 6
12th: 5
13th: 4
14th: 3
15th: 2
16th: 1

Endurance payouts

1st: 32
2nd: 30
3rd: 28
4th: 26
5th: 24
6th: 22
7th: 20
8th: 18
9th: 16
10th: 14
11th: 12
12th: 10
13th: 8
14th: 6
15th: 4
16th: 2


Sign Up HERE
View other signups HERE (I strongly encourage you to do so before signing up)

Please do not re-register, if you need to make a change PM me

Show us what you got! / My first series photography effort
« on: Jan 18, 2012, 07:01 pm »

Just to draw your attention

I will be photographing a one make FGT series starting today, pics will be up sunday

Multiplayer Lounge / GT5 Soccer Group
« on: Jan 12, 2012, 06:32 pm »
I am doing this group on GTPlanet and I think guys here would be interested as well

GTPFA stands for GTPlanet Football Association

This is a club for those dedicated to have a fun time not racing , but instead doing other driving related things.  As you could probably guess, this involves football/soccer and you are probably asking "How can you play sports in Gran Turismo?"  Well your answer is in the video .  The games will be 7 on 7 with a Fiat 500 '65 painted in the Lexus LFA color "Whitest White" with any custom rims painted in any color that can be classified as black.  To be a ref/ball, you must have a mic.  The cars used will be announced at a later date.  Please post here if you are interested.

Subaru IMPREZA Sedan WRX STI spec C Type RA RM '05
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR RM '05

Chelsea:  Lazer Blue (Lotus Evora) Body, Mustard Yellow (Lotus Elise) Wheels
Barcelona:  Midnight Blue Metallic (Ford GT) Body, Mark IV Red (Ford GT) Wheels
AC Milan:  Rosso Corsa (Ferrari 458 Italia) Body, Nero Daytona (Ferrari 458 Italia) Wheels
Manchester United:  Salsa (Jaguar XKR Coupe) Body, Ebony (Jaguar XKR Coupe) Wheels
Real Madrid:  Bianco Monocerus (Lamborghini Gallardo) Body, Giallo Halys (Lamborghini Gallardo) Wheels
Inter Milan:  Blu Tour de France (Ferrari California) Body, Nero Daytona (Ferrari 458 Italia) Wheels

Post if you are interested in a team, and I will add you to the post for member info

Team Standings


Jahgee1124:  Founder Subaru Impreza/AC Milan
kamikazi493:  Co-Director & Head of Referee/Ball Division
Clytius:  Mitsubishi Lancer/Chelsea
Subaru IMPREZA Sedan WRX STI spec C Type RA RM '05
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR RM '05
Must be equiped with Motegi Racing Touge or Rays Volk Racing GTS Wheels
Must be painted in specific team colors
HP Limited to 511, Weight Limited to 1080 KG. 

Money Cheats / 18 Million every 2 Hours
« on: Dec 29, 2011, 01:03 pm »
Get Chaparrel 2J on Sports Soft Tires, go to expert B-Spec Seasonal La Sarthe and don't pit while constantly increasing your pace. 

I need the following FT-86's & SPL 125 Karts in unopened ticket form (Must arrive that way when it gets to me)

Orange Metallic

SPL 125

I have the following cars in the following condition. 

Silky Black (Green Ticket)
Orange Metallic (0/0/0)

125 SPL Karts
Green (Green Ticket)
Orange (Green Ticket)
Pink (0/0/0)
Black (0/0/0)

All dates open. 

Gran Turismo Racing Leagues / GTROC 2.0
« on: Dec 23, 2011, 03:07 pm »

I have revamped the rules & such to allow more competitors. 

Car Regulations
2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS RM
PDI 525N Unpainted Wheels
Fully Modifications with the exception of Carbon Hoods
Racing Soft Tires Required for Qualifying Races
Racing Hard Tires Required for Actual Races
Setup is up to you

Races will be 100 miles and are run on Racing Hard. 
Their will be optional endurance races that will have quadruple points for 1000KM races and triple points for 500 Mile Races.  These races will not affect your chances for league championship. 
The races will be held every other week, with a qualifying race (25 Miles) on the off week.  These pay no points and are run on Racing Soft

Possible Non Endurance Races
Cape Ring North
Daytona Road Course
Laguna Seca
Autumn Ring
Deep Forest
Grand Valley
Trial Mountain (Reverse)
Super Stage Route 5

Possible Endurances (Length of Endurance & # of Laps)
Daytona (500 Miles, 200 Laps)
Nordschleife (1000 KM, 44 Laps)
Spa (1000 KM, 142 Laps)
Indy (500 Miles, 200 Laps)
Suzuka (1000 KM, 172 Laps)
Le Mans (1000 KM, 74 Laps)

All track settings will be as followed if applicable:
Time:  12:00
Time Change:  11
Weather:  25%
Weather Changeability:  4
Grip Reduction:  Real
Slipstream:  Weak
Mechanical Damage:  Light
Fuel/Tire Wear:  On

Scoring System
You score 1 point for every position above 16th you place.  After the endurance series, the title for most points is awarded.  Then the endurances are put into the normal system, and your regular season and fixed endurance season points are added up and divided by the number of races your ran in.  You may drop 2 regular season & one endurance.  They win the league championship. 

Where Do I Sign Up?
Fill out the following form

Camaro Color: 
Camaro #: 
Can you host races on a separate PSN (Will require Nissan Skyline Pace Car): 
My Signup

PSN:  Jahgee1124
Camaro Color:  Not Racing
Camaro #:  Not Racing
Can you host races on a separate PSN (Will require Nissan Skyline Pace Car):  Yes

General Gran Turismo Talk / This will make you happy Stiggy
« on: Nov 16, 2011, 04:33 am »

This was done by somebody at GTPlanet @ the Laguna Seca 200

Competitions organised by forum members / 50/50
« on: Nov 07, 2011, 06:52 pm »

The 50/50 works like this, you send me car, I put entry into list. 
The number of entries will be determined by the rarity of the car, so a Nissan GT-R GT Academy would get you more entries than a Mini Cooper S '05. 
Standards are worth twice a premium of that rarity, so a 0/0/0 Camaro IROC-Z is worth more than a Camaro Z28 RM
The number of entries is doubled if the car is 0/0/0, so a 0/0/0 Saleen S7 would get you more than a used S7 for example. 
Level Tickets go by level, 24 is worth more than 5
I am going to hold this over multiple forums, so big prizes will ensue
The Ratio of Entries to Sent Items is below: 

Premium 0/0/0 that is a 5 Rarity (Subaru Impreza WRC 2008 for Example):  5 Entries
Standard 0/0/0 that is a 5 Rarity (Subaru Impreza Rally Car Prototype '01 for Example):  10 Entries
Birthday Tickets:  5 Entries
Level Tickets:  From 1 Entry up to 10 Entries
Prize Car Ticket:  Twice value of Regular 0/0/0 car that it gives you. 

Gran Turismo Racing Leagues / GTROC
« on: Nov 04, 2011, 10:05 pm »
Since my X1F1 failed, I have decided to start GTROC.  GTROC is a one car series using the Camaro SS RM '10 with PDI P525N wheels that are unpainted. 
The top 3 finisher of the first race are required to use a provided Gold, Silver or Bronze Chrome car based on their position. 
The top 3 finishers of the first race will send back their cars and I will redistribute them to the necessary people (even if they get it again, the send-back is required). 
I will send back your Camaro after you send me back the Chrome one.  These cars will be numbered 1, 2 & 3 respectively. 
Tuning is accepted, but not required. 
At least one race on dirt and one race on snow will be held, tires will be provided for those races. 
Also, you may only use Racing grade tires (no Sport or Comfort tires are to be used, anybody found using them will forfeit all points gained during those races). 
The Chrome ones come with the Snow and Dirt Tires as well as all Racing tires. 
I will inspect the replays after each race to make sure that all rules are followed. 
Winner of the Championship will receive the Gold Camaro and 3 birthday tickets of their choice, 2nd gets the Silver Camaro and 2 tickets of their choice, 3rd gets the Bronze Camaro and 1 birthday ticket of their choice. 
The Camaro's sent to me will be restored and the Camaros sent out will be restored before sending. 
Please fill out the following forum if interested:

PSN Name: 
Board Name: 
Camaro Color:  (Gold Silver & GT-001 Chromes are off limits)
Camaro #:  (1, 2 & 3 are off limits, Type 1 are mandatory)
Track Suggestion: 
My Application
PSN Name:  Jahgee1124
Board Name:  Jahgee1124
Camaro Color:  GT-Fluorescence 004-W
Camaro #:  11
Track Suggestion:  N/A (I want to know your opinion, not mine)

These are the rules, except for the ghost parts, there will be no ghosts, but corner cutting will be punished. 

Gran Turismo Trading / 1967 Tickets
« on: Oct 28, 2011, 05:41 pm »
EDIT:  Nevermind, got them, close this please

Gran Turismo Trading / Spoon S2000 Race Car
« on: Oct 25, 2011, 05:30 pm »
Does anybody have a spare #95 Spoon S2000 Race car that they could send to me? 

Anybody have one, add me PSN:  Jahgee1124. 

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