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General Chat / What we look like
« on: May 12, 2015, 12:15 am »
I have been on this forum for so long.
Since i was about 16.
(I am 20 now)
Curious to see what everyone looks like. I have always wanted to know.
Especially like stiggypoohs and Mike

General Chat / Hey guys
« on: Nov 17, 2014, 05:50 pm »
I think this must be the first post ive made all year.
I played GT6 for about 2 months. I made about 20% progress and got bored.
Very very disappointing game, then again nothing can compete with GT5 and the amount of hours and dedication i put into it, aswell as the friends i made along the way.
Little bit bout me, I do IT (info tech) at a University in Sydney, Aus. Im about to complete my first year. I turn 20 in Jan. I joined this forum when i was probably 16.

Thats about it.

GT6 General Discussion / The cons so far
« on: Dec 08, 2013, 12:51 am »

Before i start, i know its just the beginning of the game and some of this can be added through updates and DLC.
Bit annoyed at how you dont know which car is premium and standard. Dont like how we cant trade. Dont like how we dont get 10 paint chips everyday, so the only way to get paints are to buy or win cars (yes i noticed you can use a paint chip as many times as you want). Don't like how there is no speed test. Don't like how the singe player races are PP restricted (yes its smarter, but i loved crushing sh**ty 20K FF cars with my mclaren). I dont like how (i can only speak of the races up to International A) there are no races that consist of daytona and Indy NON-road track. Dont like the amounts of credits won, to the cost of everything else (so they're pushing us towards micro transactions). I dont like how there is no top gear test track. I  absolutely  hate these tire screech sounds.

Everything else is just  absolutely amazing.

Please feel free to add.

I also love this game, iv'e done like 16 hours in 2.5 days.

Hybriding & Hacking / We knew this day would come.
« on: Apr 05, 2013, 03:04 am »
Pd are now banning players with hacked car.
Im kn phone so cant proide link, look on us gt website at news

Hybriding & Hacking / How to make an FGT drive able.
« on: Mar 17, 2013, 03:11 am »
I haven't tried it yet*
If u love the fgt, love the speed the challenge etc, but retract from driving it because its a bitch drive. Well, there maybe answer.
In those hacking program's, what would happen if you changed the FGT chassis with an F07/F10 chassis?
Then, u'd have a drive able FGT.
I think I may do this. I would love to be Albe to drive the FGT like a formula one.

General Gran Turismo Talk / I guess i'm back...
« on: Feb 26, 2013, 09:27 pm »
Well, i haven't played GT5 (properley) for about 8 months.
In the last 8 months, i went travelling overseas to europe, africa and asia for 3 weeks. Came back, now in my last year of school. So PS3 isn't main priority for me. I still have not forgotton bout this forum. So i'd thought i post.
Also, i put it in the GT5 talk, reason being.. i saw some of u had those really fast modded/hacked cars..
I would like to own one :)
If anyone has some spare time, or a spare send would u be kind enough to send me any of those hacked cars.
My PSN: schlep16
if u dont have me as a friend, just tell me who u are and ill accept :)
thanks, good to be back

GT6 General Discussion / Schlep's wicked new idea!
« on: Oct 05, 2012, 04:18 am »
Just had a crazy idea they should put into GT6.In Fifa, there is a mode called Ultimate team where you can buy and sell players with others around the world and make your team better.Gt6 should employ something similar. Hopefully they add Livery and more tuning and modification upgrades to make your car more unique. Then people can trade their cars for money or for other products, but every car is tuned differently in every way and given a rating on accel, handling, top speed etc determined by the game. The better the stats and cars the more expensive it is.People will buy tuned/modified cars from others around the world and be able to use them. You get money by competing online and winning.Like a manager mode, a fantasy team manager game if you will for GT6.I also want bloody pink slips.
What you think?

General Gran Turismo Talk / Also my replicas
« on: Jun 18, 2012, 08:18 pm »

I have completed the 4 cars.
Ferrari Enzo FXX
Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione
Mercedes SLR 722
Mercedes SLR 722 GT

I still have the Mclaren F1 LM, Aventador SV, and the Gallardo Superleggra to upload.
Here is the Link:

General Chat / What is this?
« on: Jun 13, 2012, 09:07 pm »
I was driving down the road and there is a Lamborghini dealership on the road (yes in real life)
i stopped at the traffic light and looked in as i do. what i saw: An orange gallardo with a line down the middle white, green and red (italian flag) it had black rims and a small (like the superleggra) black spoiler.
It was the most amazing car i have seen for a lambo. I want to know wat it was. can anyone help me?

General Gran Turismo Talk / We need a realistic photo thread
« on: Jun 12, 2012, 06:41 pm »
Just like the one on GTPlanet. We need a place where we can upload our most realistic photo's.
Extend the upload size from 100KB to 1mb.
Then we can rate them out of (a proper scale) 10.
If so, ive got three photo's i'd like to share.

General Chat / The great debate
« on: Jun 11, 2012, 11:52 pm »
Iphone vs Android.
With the release of the HTC One X and the Galaxy S3 fanboys of both Iphone and Android have gone to war with eachother. Headlines: "How will galaxy S3 compete against Iphone 5" sh** like that pisses me off. and Ill tell u why (briefly)
Apple is outdated now, it was the ultimate thing to have it was touchscreen it could do this it could do that.
You were a loser if you didnt have one. Android opended up and no1 really took an interest to it.
Slowly Iphone went down and Android went up with the introduction of the first dual core phone the LG Optimus 2x.
Slowly over time Android was being noticed.
Android beats Iphone (atleast) 81% of the time.
-There cheaper
-There is more variety
-They were the first phones to have Dual core and now Quad
-None of this Itunes bullsh**
-implemented widgets for easier access and customisation
-each phone has its own UI (Sense for eg)
-Dual sim
-free beats earphones (HTC Sensation)
-faster processor speeds
-Exchangable battery
-SD cards.
-open source
-differnt launcher not just the standard in built phone launcher
-different lock screens
-moveable backgrounds (live)
-scrollable backgrounds
-and not to mention FLASH!
(these are just on the surface)

What do Iphones have:
-easy for anyone to Pick up and play

I still cant see how the 2 phones can be compared.
Until IP implements a sort of widget aspect to their phones and Flash. Then Iphone will ALWAYS be outdone by Android.
Sure the 4s may have more DPI than my Sensation XE (Septmeber 2011)
But it doesnt have the memory, the speeds, the headphones, the screen size and the battery.

I still can't see

General Chat / Thought i'd say hello
« on: Jun 11, 2012, 10:42 pm »
Havent posed on here in AGES!!!!!
Just though i would pop in, i have exams currently so not much GT5.
I bought a Table Mate II off ebay to stick my DFGT on for 30 bucks USD. hopefully that'll work.. wat u guys think?
played alot of TDU2, and i recently aquired Dirt showdown, but idk if its good.
I want more Gt5 DLC and yehh.
how has every1 else been?

General Gran Turismo Talk / I need recruits
« on: Mar 04, 2012, 10:20 pm »
I need recruits:
Ok, half way through last year i promised Mike i would help him create a database with all the cars stats and what not, this is when i was an Admin. My admin was taken away for lack of traffic, which i found fair, so i was not angry at all. I had alot of school work over the next period of time so i stopped GT5 and in return forgot all about the database. I didnt realise Mike went to so much trouble creating it.
One person can't do over 200 premium car reviews, let alone 1000.
Ill need some help. Who would be interest in helping me put together a car databse. I need 2-4 more people, or as many as possible. When we have all the participants, ill tell you all the info required for the database.

How to contact me:
Just PM me or reply if you would like to.

-All i need is you to have 75+ Premium cars (mostly super cars or popular cars)
-Atleast level 30 A-spec any level B-spec.
-A few million credits, but that should be easy to attain.
-Have GT5 for at least 9 months or longer.
-Send me photo proof, and maybe some reputation on this forum.

If you join ill send each one of you some of my special paints, i have like 6 different Mattes, and the exclusive matte white. Not alot of chromes :( but can get some. Ill send you any Premium car under 1 million credits, fully tuned, in whatever colours you want.

I hope to see some good recruits coming through.

*Admins can you keep this on top so people can see it*

General Gran Turismo Talk / Can we start something
« on: Feb 27, 2012, 12:59 am »
I want to start a weekly photo comp for this forum, pretty much like the one on GTPlanet... have a theme each week etc etc... obviously there is prizes and other sh** and on there little emblem can have a tally of how many times each member has won?
I'd like to start it, maybe some other admins may help?

I got my Aventador from 0-100 (KMH) in 1.945 seconds.
400m in like 9 seconds flat.
How u may ask?

Put a spoiler on and make the downforce on the heighest number
Set transmission to 250, but make gear 2 all the way to left leaving a bit of space, so not quite to the end, but pretty close.
Start of in gear 2 NOT gear 1.
Suspension: Ride height F: the lowst
                     Ride height R: the heighest
Same goes for spring rates.
make the toe angles all 0.0
Racing soft

I mean, thats all i cant say, i dont no anything bout tourque or LSD.
But that, has gotten me 1.945 seconds.
It took me like 50 attempts in the Speed Run.
Its faster than the GTR 2012 surprisngly. I love taking it to Indy and doing the 1/4 mile drag race. I win everytime.
If anyone has any tune for LSD and torque please tell me.
oh and gear 3 has to be 1/4 of the way from the left
good luck!.

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