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slammed Thirty-Eight million Four hundred Sixty-Six thousand Eight hundred Seventy-Two HP Schwimmwagen

What did u do to get it to those BHP numbers... i dont think u can do that in this program.

The gold manage to work for me

dw i worked it out.. but i dont understand the fave car things

How does that secret menu work?

I could never fathem how such a tool could get better, and so it seems it can.
Usnig it now, might i say... its pure brilliance, phuck thank you!!!

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: Chassis swaps reference
« on: Mar 29, 2013, 05:03 pm »
OMG I COULD KISS U!!! Thank you!

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: GT5 Hybrid creator 1.4
« on: Mar 28, 2013, 10:29 pm »
As there is an option to remove wing, there should be an option to remove bumper (not for me) also, if its possible, a wing swap or a bumper swap?
just a thought.

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: GT5 Hybrid creator 1.4
« on: Mar 28, 2013, 04:47 pm »
Thats very good, shows alot of  diligence  and it shows ur a good worker.

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: GT5 Hybrid creator 1.4
« on: Mar 28, 2013, 01:50 am »
Luca, do u really need to implement those new tools in GTR this that bla bla 11234, and also in the GTR this that bla bla 11234V aswell as the GTR this that bla bla 11234V GT.
Maybe just all premiums and the most popular standards? if u get complaints, just do those?

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: GT5 Hybrid creator 1.4
« on: Mar 28, 2013, 01:49 am »
You either love the insane BHP cars or hate them... i use them for my own happiness, i dont use them online to pwn people.. I will only use them if im in a lobby with other hacked cars.

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: GT5 Hybrid creator 1.4
« on: Mar 27, 2013, 07:25 pm »
Due to this i have a GTR that goes 2500 KMH, 0-100 kmh in 0.608 seconds etc...
i have seen cars with 4 million BHP, who am i kidding, i have one lol.. i was traded it.
Supposedly they changed the turbo charge, super and exhaust to FF in hex editor... thats how they did it.
Wondering if in a next update, u could make it possible so we could use the million BHP cars.
In saying that... there not fun to use. Everyone says realstic tunes are fun... there not.
The best are the ones that are like 6000 BHP. There hella fast but still able to turn.
I love my cars being into the tens of thousands.. thats just me. The 4 million BHP miata i have doesnt turn, cant even get around route x without f***ing up the turns.

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: GT5 Hybrid creator 1.4
« on: Mar 25, 2013, 07:05 pm »
.........u got rid of the DLC colours.... lucikly i still have the older programs
and engine multiple.. (not that that did anything)

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: GT5 Hybrid creator 1.4
« on: Mar 25, 2013, 03:56 pm »
A big thank you to Luca. Without you and your program, GT5 would be boring again.

Luca, u are what humanity should look up to. Giving the freedom to the people without a price. I respect you, and for all my years gaming to come i will NEVER forget what you have done.
This hacking/hybriding tool really means alot to me.
Once again Thank you
Jared S

Hybriding & Hacking / Re: How to make an FGT drive able.
« on: Mar 24, 2013, 09:56 pm »
ye.... hhaha, ahh, about that... doesn't exacly line up lol.
The wheels is in the right position (i think) its just bigger than the normal FGT wheel so it looks like it doenst line up.
but when ur driving, its really hard to te;l.
ill get some photo's in.
uhh, i painted it Can-Am white.. now my cars multicoloured its quite lol.

General Chat / Re: The first day of Spring
« on: Mar 22, 2013, 05:58 pm »
Its autumn in sydney.......and its like 30 degree's celcius.

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