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This guy is in the trusted traders, so i think this should be looked into. On the wednesday night we had an arranged trade before the ban came in. It was my Calibra super touring car, for his Ford GT LM Race car. He sent me a message on PSN saying can we trade now, but i wasn't there, i had left my PSN signed in. This was about 6:30. I came on at 8, and sent him my calibra and a message to him on both PSN and this forum that i had done my half of the trade. However i never got my car. I realized that i may not have given him much time to re-send it as he might not have logged on again that night. But if i trusted him to send the car, he should be able to trust me and not need me to have to send first.

Anyway i left it a day hoping he would reply to either of my messages saying sorry or him saying i could have another car. But no reply. So i sent him a message on friday night explaining i would quite like a car in return. And still no reply.......

We will look into this for you...   8-)


--- Quote from: "AndyT" ---We will look into this for you...   8-)
--- End quote ---

thanks, i understand that he may not have been able to send it tht night, but i thought he would have contacted me about it.

he should have contacted you atleast with a reason, like Andy said "definetly look into it for ya"

for all the the traders ;

my son had to be in the hospital agian with high fever 40.8 ( sick ) so i totaly forgot our trade agrement
so i send him a pm that he can choose 2 cars insted of 1 for the very late reponse .
and the real truth !!!

again srry to all  :oops:


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