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FREE GT5 DLC Code for Camaro SS “Edge Special” - U.S

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Just found instructions on how to obtain the DLC for the Chevrolet Camaro SS “Edge Special” for free. No need to purchase ANYTHING!!!  :lol:

1.Go to!/ps3 ... y/register
2.fill out the form and click "Submit"
3.enter UPC code "841058005209" or "841058005261" and choose the DLC to unlock
4.on the following page you'll receive a PlayStation Network voucher code

You can unlock DLC code for GT5, Killzone 3 and  inFAMOUS 2.

Go get your free DLC code before this promotion goes away!!!

Thanx very much!!  That's great, I can't wait to try the two codes I got with the ones you gave there!

I know it says US in the title, but I tried it anyway... and it definitely won't work for Europe.

Here is a free code for any US players, I can't use it:  PR76-8TNN-RAJP

I guess this car isn't tradable?

That's correct my friend.  Not tradable :?

--- Quote from: "Bruggenwirth" ---I guess this car isn't tradable?
--- End quote ---


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