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Author Topic: Challenges, How do I make them??  (Read 2952 times)


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Challenges, How do I make them??
« on: Sep 28, 2011, 09:43 am »

Welcome to the thread about how to get a Challenge started! I'm happy to announce that you can now challenge each other to a duel to get to see who the better driver is.
There are rules & regulations though.. it cannot be simple a play-a-game-and-thats-it challenge. If a challenge is not being made properly, the challenge will be declared "un-raced"

Here are some rules:
  • In order to make a challenge, make a new post in this forum (not the thread) with the format that is shown below.
  • The creator of the challenge can determine the rules of the match (# of laps, cars, restrictions etc). Although, the one that has been challenged can accept or deny these rules.
  • A screenshot must be provided by the winner to show that he has won. No screenshot means No win!!
  • Winner can choose to either bet for something or just the fun. Betting things can be something like: Special avatar, a birthday ticket, a car or something you just like to have!! No real money ofcourse!
  • All races are being held Online and will be a face-off! So, the two drivers drive on the same circuit at the same time. No separate sessions where the 2 drivers race separately (like the GTCRC)
  • When you made a challenge, PM that person your challenging so that he knows he's being challenged.
  • You can make it a 2v2 but nothing more then that.. It's about quick and fast racing in here!
The format on how to make a new challenge!
I'm Challenging ThisPlayer for 1v1 Racing Duel!
Time of Race: 1PM GMT+1
Circuit: Nürburgring Nordschleife
Laps: 999!
Restrictions: Only Midgets, 300bhp max, Free tires, No Tuning.
Betting for: The other's car and a BD Ticket!
Enjoy the race and happy challenging!!


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