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39.342 secs I done at Superspeedway - Indy ... scared the hell out of me when I done it!

i like f1:
34.6 in a formula gran turismo!  :D

31.21 i freaking p***ed my pants in my Red Bull X2010 S. Vettel


--- Quote from: "i like f1" ---34.6 in a formula gran turismo!  :D
--- End quote ---

I dont even see how thats possible in the fgt.  my fastest lap in that car is in the mid 37 second range and I avg high 37s.  there is no way I can squeak out another 3 seconds.  im afraid id have to see proof of a 34 second lap in order to believe that its even possible.

I'm currently lapping 39's in my MAZDA 787b....looking forward to a car with a bit more power LOL!


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