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How to change stealth colour ? Possible?


Hello there !

I have only used the Luca tool for "hacking" and cannot really be bothered with the manual (hex editing) part. As Lucas tool does not include the stealth/chromeline, I wondered if these could be painted/modded in anyway.

Has anyone tried ? As I own all stealths/chromelines surely I can't be banned for having a 2nd modded version ? Say in red ? Or wingless ?

I realise this question may be tread on dangerous ground as the answer could give away the knowledge of everybody creating the dlc cars without buying them. There's a few more things I could ask but I don't want to give anything away incase I'm right.


The knowledge is out there already, hell one of Luca's versions even had all the DLC cars in it.  I haven't messed around with them beyond making them, since you can't delete them otherwise. 

I ll check previous versions :) I know a certain version had the paint. I cant believe I missed them. I ve had a quick search and found the codes but havent tested them yet.

*Edit Mods can lock/delete this thread. I have found the info I needed. Thanks :)



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