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Update 2.13 & 2.14 information

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Update 2.13 released (17mb)

"Fixes for minor issues”"

Well played, PD, well played...

Is this just not typical of their communication with their client base! You'd think that with GT6 coming up, they'd be trying their best to keep everyone informed & happy. Pathetic...

Typical vagueness by PD... it irritates me beyond words.

Update 2.14 released today, same BS from PD as 2.13, ie- "Fixes for minor issues"

Not worthy of a separate thread, seeing as it's the same as 2.13, so tagged onto this one.

Speculation is that it further removes hacks from the games, specifically any "hidden" items such as stage 4/5 weight reduction, stage 4/5 turbo, other transmission parts and some tyres.

Rather than take these out, why not simply open them up to all.


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