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Ferreri Thurstmaster wheel.


I picked one of these up at a garage sale. It's not too bad but it really isn't great. I am however thinking of a few mods that I can do for it.  I have not taken it apart, and may not. But the tinkerer in me has a few ideas.  I have done an internal swap on an X-bpox Precision bass guitar that was for a 360, and converted it to PS3. I modded my Rock Band guitar to let me use a kick pedal off a Rock band drum kit to fire off OD...before they updated the hardware to do this out of the box. So I'm no stranger to modding my gaming sh**.

Looking at the pedals, they are just a plastic pedal cover over a stem that goes the the pedestal. There is no way these are staying stock for very long. I have nece pedal covers on my Daily driver so This toy is getting this mod almost right away.

From tinkering it looks like the shift paddles are triggered by a micro switch. Since I drive with an auto these are basically used for other functions. The left paddle is for triggerting the RA menu and the right is for an E-brake. 

Nor follow me here. I'm planning on building a game chair for it. I could probably build a mount with a lever. And rig it so that when I pull the lever up,like on a real e brake for a car. The lever will push down on a switch and close it. The controller won't know that I'm not using the sh** paddle. I can spring load the lever so it would return on it's own much like a real cars E brake would. Or like a Drift Modded car would. This concept can easily transfer to a DGFT or a G27.

If I chose to build a shift knob, Im sure I could mod the concept. Change the orentaion on the lever and ass a second switch for up and down shifting, then change where the E brake lever attaches to the wheel to keep my lever E brake.

Hell I bet depending on how crazy I get I could probably go off the deep end and custom build A new case for it that would swap in a full sized wheel. 3d Print a case, and custom machine somer gears out of Aluminum (Al u min e um?)

I know I should just save up my money and get A g27.  And that is an option.  But I do love to take sh** apart and mod it to make it better.

Sounds like a cool project, and doing it all on a relatively inexpensive wheel means if it doesn't go exactly to plan then it's no big deal either. Make sure you do some photos as you go along with it, post em on here like a "blog" if you wouldn't mind, it'd be interesting to follow.

--- Quote from: Teal ---Al-u-min-e-um?
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Lol, reminds me of Austin Powers... "Orange sherr-berrt..."

pics for sure.


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