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My Swan Song from Waddy

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Received a week or so ago from waddy2001 but I wasn't able to publish this until now.

My Swan Song

Yesterday was my last gasp at online fame, at least as far as the GT5Cheats room goes. Before I disappear completely, I thought I'd share some thoughts about racing online, just in case you haven't tried it.

First, it's fun, at least when it goes right it can be a lot of fun. At any one time there are dozens, if not hundreds, of rooms that you can join. Some rooms are NASCAR, some are night races, some are 'dirty' racing but most are, supposedly, clean. You kind of have to leave your ego at the door since you are stepping into someone else's world and leaving your own behind unless, of course, you start your own room.

In case you don't know, you can easily start your own 'lobby'. It's on the Community screen, in case you haven't seen the icon. What's the difference between a lobby and a room? In a lobby, only your PSN friends can enter and watch or race with you. No strangers will be allowed in. If you go 'online', meaning adding a room to the list of other online rooms, any number of strangers can join, up to the number that you have set the room to hold.

I prefer a lobby, for now anyway. You get the same feeling of racing online, albeit without AI as you would in the seasonals or A-Spec races, which is completely different from racing within the GT5 main parameters. Your times will be less, your traction varies and there is this thing called 'lag' that pops up if you are racing another person online. Their car may look like it's bouncing all over the screen but it's really not. It's lag. The game might actually say that you came second when you know you came first but, usually, that's just for a short time. Lag has confused the game and it will probably set itself right if you wait a moment.

Anyway, back to yesterday. The GT5Cheats guys are a good bunch, don't get me wrong. Most of the time the races are fun, close and, no matter what anyone says, very competitive. Maybe it's the competitive part that caused the problem, maybe it was something else, I don't know. The motto of the room is '18+ Clean or kick'. Well, it seems that yesterday I wasn't 'clean' so I kicked myself.

To me, it seemed like a harmless race. The guy who usually wins had a very long lead, some of us were racing for second and third and one brave noob was simply trying to complete a few laps to get a feeling for racing. Here's the picture: Final lap, first corner, the two cars ahead of me braked late and/or slid on to the gravel. As I went by, both cars were off the track, one was almost back but, as I saw it, wasn't yet on it. I slowed, took the inside part of the track and raced on. After the race, one of the guys in the corner said something like, 'nice hit Waddy', very sarcastically. In my mind, he was saying that I cheated.

As I protested and explained my side of the story, one and only one guy stuck up and said that he was the one who had made the hit. Apparently, that wasn't good enough. At that point I realized that the 'fun' had gone, at least for me. To me, 'nice hit Waddy' was a direct attack, a clear statement that I had done it on purpose. Most people who race with me know that I rarely do anything on purpose. If I win, it's because someone else slid out. If I lose, which is most of the time, it's because I slid out.

Most of the time I am at the back of the pack, for two reasons. The first is that I've usually slid out or hit a wall. The second reason is that being at the back of the pack is a good way to avoid this kind of petty 'nice hit' situation. If I have clear room to pass, I pass. If not, I stay back. I always try to let someone know that I'm passing and which side I'm using. If I knock someone, I apologize but that doesn't happen too often, thank goodness. Am I unusual in this? No. Most of the regulars do the same thing. To this point in the room, and I've been there almost every Wednesday and Saturday since I joined the site, the only direct attacks on anyone have been directed towards strangers, not other members. Yesterday was different.

So that's the scoop. Aside from that, it's been fun. I've learned a lot about racing and, generally, I've had fun. I can't say that I enjoyed the intense competitive feel there but the joking and male camaraderie was kind of fun. I specify 'male camaraderie' because there are more egos when guys are together than in a mixed crowd or a mainly female situation. Personally, I'm not into pissing contests but lots of guys are. When I coached sports, after a loss, I always told my players that they could win more from losing than winning. That's true in this situation also.

For the last few months I've been given this platform for my thoughts and insights. Thanks to Mike for that. My online name is the same as my name here so if anyone wants to add me, they can and maybe we can race in my lobby or theirs sometime. Good luck to the site and to the racing room! It's been a hoot...most of the time anyway. 



I'm the guy Waddy is referring to. From my perspective, I was taken out & then immediately passed by Waddy. I naturally thought that it was him that had rear ended me & then continued on. I don't recall the 'nice hit' bit, or the sarcasm, but I did say something like: "Hey Waddy, you took me out!?" When he said that he didn't, I said words to the effect of: "OK, maybe it was lag. All good." Shortly after that he left.

I subsequently learned that it was somebody  else who rear ended me. (From the person who did it. :) ) I, along with others, was unable to hear him, so I never heard his apology. (Headset issues.) Afterwards, I made 2 attempts at reconciling with Waddy via PM, neither of which garnered a reply. I tried.

Personally, I think the whole thing blew up out of all proportion. (Storm in a teacup?) IMO, I think you need to sometimes be a little thick skinned in the heat of the moment when racing online... As Waddy himself said, things can get quite competitive. We are racing, after all.

Once again, apologies for the misunderstanding Waddy. That's it from me.

I do recall the incident. But I don't think anyone here would take out another driver with intent. Unless we are doing a f*** off race, and we say before that it's a f*** off race.

While I do like Waddy and never had a problem with him. I do speak my mind. I think He's being a bit childish saying he doesn't want to race with us online anymore. I hardly ever win a race, a lot of the time I am no where near the pack. There have been times where I have been in front of the pack, and winning only to get bumped or full blown taken out at the last minute. There have been races, The one we did on the highway where I was in the sunfire.I flat out told Siggypooh that I was going to take him out if I got close enough.

yeah but memory serves me well and your plan failed teal, alot of tyre screeches between us and you ended up facing the wall of doom which we both laughed about because it was absolutely hilarious lol.

now lemme say this to All....

I was the one that hit poor jay out on that corner, I broke late and was last seen heading to the scene of the accident, I did see waddy pass by me and jay cleanly, I couldn`t apologies to jay cos he couldn`t hear me. things like this do happen when clowning about online, wether its a clean race or a clown about race accidents happen wether its on purpose or accidentally, that`s why I never take any of the races seriously because to me we are all good mates who take things on the chin and laugh about it.

who wants to join me on Saturday? a planned reverse driving race :P

I'll be there,  ;D !


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