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GT5 Cheats Weekly Online Racing Videos - #1

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Here's the link:

I suppose there is a way to embed the video but I haven't found out how...yet. Have a laugh at our craziness. Stiggy's Chevelle wasn't behaving. This is from a while ago but I discovered a new way to capture the videos using my laptop and a Diamond USB Capture dongle that I had hanging around. It's not HD but it's not bad. 

Just leave out the https://, start at www onwards


--- Quote from: AndyT on Sep 24, 2013, 06:33 am ---Just leave out the https://, start at www onwards

--- End quote ---

Thanks! I'm going to try this with the S-Video out/in today. Maybe the quality will be better. This isn't too bad. Where is everybody????  ;D

Judging by the XMB menu, everyone's playing GTA5...   ::)

Hey Andy, been a while!   :)   No GTA5 for me...   ???


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