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Lag Part 1

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This shows the effects of lag during an online race with Gran Turismo 5. This is from my POV. It's not a long race and you kind of have to see the whole race to see what the lag does and how funny it is. Andy and I got to see it during the race but rhinoafrica thought it was a regular race! Hahaha. My PS3 saw what it saw, rhino's saw a completely different race. We were laughing like fools, at least Andy and I were.


From Andy's POV:


This is Jay's POV. Listen for the sounds of his tires and/or engine. Join him on a trip through a time warp!
(Jay didn't see this at all. This is what my PS3 saw, not what really happened. And no, his car was not hacked. This is three identical cars in a three lap race, nothing was hacked.)

Lmao, that's just insane when you watch it again, at the time it was giving me a heart attack with Jay's car warping around the track, it made it difficult to overtake, funny as hell though, shame we couldn't record our commentary during the race, we were p*ssing ourselves laughing so much I couldn't concentrate on driving!   ;D ;D ;D

At 3:23 on my POV video, you can see how much I was startled, I nearly followed-through on the follow-through...!

Every time I watch mine I jump when he whacks me and appears up ahead, near the end of the second lap. Funny stuff.


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