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Hey all,

I was wondering, who of you does the TT's?
I've finally found some time to start doing some of them (concentrate on a few instead of all)
And I hope to participate in them as often as possible (at least drive once a week)

So, who does them and are not yet on my Outeke SEN? I might send some invites :)

ps. Trial Mountain Toyota 86GT TT: Current time 1.34.177 (with at least .4 to improve)

Hiya A  ;)

In GT5, I used to aim for the top 500 always, then the hackers came & I gave it up as a lost cause.  >:(  (I finished 4th in SA - without doing many events.)

In GT6, up until now, I've just been getting gold times & then moving on, rather spending my time grinding the RB events to earn credits. As time goes on & I get most of the cars I want (I'm not gonna buy nearly as many as I did in GT5), then I'll probably get more involved with the ones I like...   :)

Cheers mate.

Yeah, for me those days of competing on the leaderboard are long gone.

Now I just wait for the "time registration" to close, then go in a do a barely-gold lap and take the rewards, thankingyoukindlysir.

I'm just happy if I get a silver time. SOmetimes I'll shoot for the gold. but the gt 86 seasonal is just kicking my ass.

I've golded all the ones except that latest Mercedes Vision GT one.  It's not the car, it's the track that's killing me.  I think I'm still off by .4 for gold, but I don't drive clean so it's hard to make a clean lap.


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