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i dont know if these people are on here but do not trade with chalmers01 G-DOTZ or kalo89 as they are all scammers kalo89 has my blue x1 chalmers01 xjr lm car G-DOTZ is friends with them so please watch your cars

Haha ill be on the lookout...?

Simple rules to follow...

If their names aren't in the forum members list (top right of the screen, where it says logout), then they are probably scammers just browsing the forum as guests and will try to contact you directly on PSN... so avoid doing deals this way.

Only deal with people who make open trading offers on here.

For extra safety, only deal with people with more than 10 posts to their name.

For 100% safety, that is what the Trusted Traders list is there for.

Protect yourselves and your cars.

And drive safe


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