Free Cars!

That’s right… you can get a car for FREE! As long as you have the money… huh?

Ok let me explain… this is straight out of the forum and was submitted by ‘i like f1‘ one of our forum regulars.

It goes a little something like this:

Similar cheat to duping, without the duping!
requires 2 accounts
Step 1: Save up for the car you want
Step 2: Back up your save to an external drive (flash drive)
Step 3: Buy the car
Step 4: Send the car to second account
Step 5: Reload main accounts save
Step 6: Send the car you bought back to the main account and enjoy the benefits!

Very very sneaky.. but hey it works.

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The thing is you still need to save up the money.. but you don’t necessarily have to spend it.. you fake spend.

I wish life was like this don’t you. You save up a bit of cash, spend it, but it doesn’t ever leave your account. We can all dream, can’t we?

Anyway, give this a shot and let us know what you think.

You can visit the forum post directly by clicking here.

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13 Responses to “Free Cars!”

  1. nab Says:

    i wish i knew this b4 i spent 10 million on a ferrari that cant be flipping used now all my money is gone and i still dont have a freaking good enough car for some races!!! advice to all DONT buy that freaking 10 million ferrari its there as a snare 🙁

  2. admin Says:

    That sucks.. I hate that feeling.. you buy a car and realise its useless but you’ve got no money left! Damn autosave!

  3. Impossivel Says:

    Be careful with this.
    You are level 20…..the created account is level 0.
    You give a car that’s above level 1 (for the good money) and it doesn’t show up until you level up.

  4. Manuel Paiva Pinto Says:

    Thanks Will!! But I can not get free cars due I just in PS 3. Maybe, later i wiil got any info regarding this matter how to get lot of money or get free cars. Best regards

    Manuel Pinto

  5. Andy P Says:

    I’d like to add a twist to this as I’ve found this a great way to level up, gain money and still have the car. if you remember to backup the second account before you send the car back then the second account can keep the car. now I’ve done this with an M3 on a zero account level and it works with the B spec fine. I’ve also made sure I’ve spent money on kitting the M3 out before sending it on so my original account has now had a highly spec’d M3 sent back to it and I can now flog the original M3 to get money.

    The catch? – you can only do this once a day to the same account. I might have to add a couple more and send M3’s to all my friends!

    A great gag this one and I wouldn’t have thought of this…. keep it up.

  6. angegaz Says:

    how do i Back up saves to an external drive (flash drive)
    please help thanks

  7. Andy P Says:

    you need to format a usb drive or a large usb key in a FAT32 format. if you have a windows 7 pc this will mean downloading a bit of freeware to help you with this. Then the PS3 will see a usb device as a backup location. then go to the game save setion and use copy to backup to the disk. reverse this for restoring after sending your car over.

  8. Karlo Says:

    Voila je suis au niv 31 B Spec et je ne peux debloquer de maniere a avoir la REDBULL qui est donnée si vous debloquez le niv 35 ou 33 est ce vrai? d’une part et d’autre part pouvez vous m’aider pour monter en niv en B Spec plus rapidement (j’utilise Formula grand turismo et je fait le tournoi des voitures de reves le circuit de la Sarthe 5 tour voiture que je regle a 400Kmh et en terminaison vous terminez premier avec pratiquement un tour d’avance si cela peut aider quelqu’un je vous en prie mais pour moi il me faut la REBULL tandis que l’argent reste bloqué 20000000cr pas plus c’est du vol
    Merci a tous si une reponse encore mieux

  9. JACK Says:

    Where do I find the game save setion? I want to do the same thing put don’t know how to save it on the usb drive. thanks.

  10. GT5 Fan Says:

    Hello from the UK, I just clicked through from Google and would just like to say I love the site! Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. NR1 Says:

    On your PS3 main menu go to Game,under game look for Saved Data Utility(PS3),in there you will see your GT5 game save,point to it and press triangle and copy it to your USB

  12. Rockywright Says:

    hay dose any one have any fast cars thay can send me i will send you the Red bull x2 if the car you send me is fast and can get me through the extream races.

  13. Eric Says:

    Hey I tried the trick but when I try to copy the info to the new account then play the game it says I can’t use it since its from another user and makes the second account start from the beginning. Am I doing something wrong. Please let me know thanks. Would love to use this little trick.