German Racing Car Bug

When is 300hp not 300hp? In the A Spec Expert Schwarzwald league of course!

You need to be able access the Expert level in A-Spec mode, so a minimum level of 15, not too difficult. Its a German only race which allows German cars with a maximum of 300hp. I just entered it with my worked 600bhp C63 AMG beast.

You can pretty much enter any German car! Joel Kesseboom from the GT5 cheats forum was the person who told me about this. You can check out the thread here. He entered the race with an Audi R8 and others have entered with a Mercedes SLS Stealth car and just destroyed.

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Super easy to win and a great way to make a cool 25k without breaking a sweat. So grab your favourite German car, work it up (or not) and make some easy money winning races and trying out your overpowered machine.

What ridiculous car have you entered?

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11 Responses to “German Racing Car Bug”

  1. charlie Says:

    how do i beat the grand turismo all star in the expert level seems like non of my cars can do it the only car that can stand a chance ic the buggati so need a little help and a hint or two.

  2. CNR4806 Says:

    What car did I enter? What if I say a Sauber C9 Racecar ’89 at 1013HP?

  3. Marco Says:

    I used an M3 GTR ’03 modded to the max…haha

  4. Suber Says:

    I used a standard C63 and won. Thanks for the tip! I check your site everyday

  5. Gunther Says:

    Save yourself the headache, and just wait till u win the “like the wind” challenge and you will win a race car that will smash vag in all stars or save your money and buy a race car.

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks Suber!

  7. Hoopa Says:

    1225 HP Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in the hot hatch 😀 XD LOL

  8. Hoopa Says:

    Also can be used in the Tous France Championnat Races 😀

  9. pupung destawadi Says:

    how i can get car with over 1000HP?

  10. cameron Says:

    its funny with the stealth car, you enter it prepared for sauber c9’s and clk gtrs (not reading the requirements) and then realise you go against mercedes ancients and hot hatches, it deserves a rofl, i fell asleep

  11. steve 0 Says:

    07 mini s. max mods. Hey had 2 give the cpu a glint of hope at least. Still over kill tho!