Get Paid to play GT5?

I wondering who were the game testers for GT5?

I’ve seen a few products where they show you how to become a game tester. This would be truly cool for someone who can play games end on end. Personally I can’t play for too long… couple of hours max! Must be my old age. If your interested in finding out ways to land a game testing role, click here to read more.

But I’d be interested to find out who got the GT5 gig?

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That leads me to my next question, are there any bugs or things that you would notably recommend to Polyphony Digital/Sony and the whole GT5 team. I wanna hear…

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3 Responses to “Get Paid to play GT5?”

  1. Dan Says:

    GT5 needs a test track for cars accessible from the garage or tuning shop. They also need to make the tuning shop accessible from the garage. Having to exit all the way out of the races to upgrade a car is just pure BS. Overall the menus don’t tend to be navigation friendly. I still think NFS Shift is the best racing game for PS3.

  2. Kris Green Says:

    It would have been great if they made the B-Spec side co-op in the game. They also could have made the license tests a bit more easier for people to obtain, because the A-Spec races are way too easy to pass. Finding the cars you need to buy for a specific race could have been better by updating the used car dealership to reflect what really is being sold at new and used car dealerships. That also should have created a tracking service so you could track a specific car you needed to buy for a race.

  3. Kelly Says:

    your Gran Turismo blog is killer, gave me loads of car information, thanks dude!