Gran Turismo 5 Cheats Forum

The Gran Turismo 5 cheats forum is starting to pick up steam now.

There are some awesome bonus car cheats, easy money cheats and some good old GT5 car talk in general.

Check out the forum here!

If you think there is a section missing then please leave a suggestion in the comments box below.

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I was thinking of adding a car trading forum? A place where we can swap cars since we can do this in the game itself?

Anything else you can think of?

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4 Responses to “Gran Turismo 5 Cheats Forum”

  1. sueme82 Says:

    Car trading forum sounds great, been looking for a Holden Commodore SS ‘04 for weeks now with no luck. if anyone has one to trade please add me and I’ll give ya something nice id: sueme82

  2. Chicken lol Says:

    Any car that is lightweight and is powerful (minolta Toyota, Nissan r92cp ,Mazda 787b etc)
    I have got 30+ cars including a bugatti veyron!
    The fastest one there is veryron
    my fave is the blitz skyline r34

  3. Chicken lol Says:

    I was talking about car trading

  4. zander1981 Says:

    add me as a friend i have sone gd cars to giv away n swap if interested