GT5 Cheats Forum now live!

The GT5 cheats forum is now live! You can check it out here.

Start a conversation today and talk with other like minded people about GT5 and get the best cheats and tips on the net.

Obviously its still a little bare but start talking and fill it up!

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If you haven’t visited it yet, check it out here: GT5 Cheats Forum

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5 Responses to “GT5 Cheats Forum now live!”

  1. speedo Says:

    Oil change trick works again…. change the oil before using a new car for the first time and you’ll get an extra 10-20 BHP added to the performance

  2. admin Says:

    Nice work.. thanks for that.. put it up as a post

  3. sion Says:

    cant be bother diong 5/5 championship cups?

    come first in the first race, and find out whos second

    2nd race ram him of the track so hes last place and u win the race so u have 200pt

    ram whos second place with points so you have 300 points,

    2 races left

    do the 4th and wham whos second so u have 400pts

    , on the last track exit the cup so u earn 0 points but have 400 from previous races

    second place shud have about 250 🙂 saves time at higher levels but u lose out on like 30k but get about 100k for winin the champship 🙂

  4. Dexterious Says:

    The trick with tuning the Corvette z06 also work in B-spec mode:)

  5. farley Says:

    What car do i use to win daytona? cannot stay on the track.