GT5 Fast Money – 1 million in 1 hr!

That heading isn’t a mistake… you can make a million bucks in an hour with this GT5 fast money technique.

This technique is straight from the awesome Forum (now managed by GT5 star Stiggypoohs!) and was submitted by rockz63168.

So a big thanks to rockz63168 and hope you guys enjoyed this!

With the current XP & CR increase kindly offered to us from Polyphony, it’s possible to earn an easy 1,260,000cr per hour!

We are currently getting 84,000cr for a win on LIKE THE WIND races, so I’m basically hammering the SUPERSPEEDWAY – INDY in my everyday basic Japanese run-around……well, actually I’m running my 883bhp MAZDA 787b Stealth on an average 39 seconds per lap and generally winning each race by 13+ seconds! With loading times etc, each race takes around 4 minutes and nets you the 84,000cr & 3654xp too :D

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Car setup (to make things easy for me!):

Mazda 787b Stealth
Stage 3 Turbo Kit
Titanium Racing Exhaust
Racing Soft tyres
-30 Front & Rear Ride Height
2.0 Front & 3.0 Rear Camber
60 LSD Acceleration Sensitivity
450 Max Speed Transmission
60 Front & 85 Rear Downforce
1 Traction Control
10 ABS
Off for Skid Recovery, Active Steering & ASM

Brilliant! You can read the full thread by clicking here and visiting the forum.

Sign up to the forum today and get involved. There is also an awesome GT5 Car trading forum where you can trade cars with other GT5cheats members!

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3 Responses to “GT5 Fast Money – 1 million in 1 hr!”

  1. darren kelly Says:

    well if you would like over one million in around 40 mins I think it’s 40 mins est anyhoo go to the American championship race on the supperspeedway-indi in the extreme series for a win you will get 117.000cr 85.000cd for 2nd 75.000cr 3rd 4th 70.000cr 5th 68.000cr and 67.000cr for 6th and it’s easy with the 2010 Dale Earnhardt JR #88 Chevrolet Impala after the 5 laps in 47secs a lap I only get a win by 4.5 seconds but its easy you need only drop the 3rd then hammer it from 180 back to 184 hit 4th and your off to the next corner no bother and without making any changes to the car apart from the tyres oh and you get 4400 points for that win if i remember right happy motoring. coltsigma

  2. Bulletpr Says:

    How come is it that I only get 70000 for “like the wind” first place and 98000 for american championships?

  3. bossman Says:

    I just use my X2010 car to do these races, finish them in under 4 mins on the oval tracks and get lots of cash in the process. I’m down to under 1000,000 cash ATM, so will have to start grinding again soon.