GT5 Faster Loading Times

We all know that the loading times for GT5 are a bit of a joke, especially since if you finish a race, you can’t just restart.. you need to exit and load the track all up again. Very annoying to say the least.

Commenter Jeff made an interesting note:

“if you disable your network while you play offline the load times are not bad at all and it’ll cut back on how much ya gotta look at that silver GT loading screen…..”

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Not bad advice.. lets check it out and see how it goes!

Jeff also noted that damage doesn’t come until you reach a high level… something like level 40. Bit of a joke as who wouldn’t want an option to ‘turn damage on’? Whats the point of doing it this way I don’t know.. maybe to increase game longevity and to keep people playing?
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5 Responses to “GT5 Faster Loading Times”

  1. jeff Says:

    the damage dosent come till level 40 because when you damage your car the damages dont just dissapear after the race is over.. the damage is perminent until you pay credits to fix it….so for (example)….you just started the game…its your first race…you bought a civic and you only got 20credits left….but you smash the front end to shit…..ya think 20credits is gonna fix it??….im only at level 17 right now and im just starting to feel like i could start making and saveing money……i think there should be an option to turn it on tho..and just not have to pay for it till level 40

  2. Nonvaio01 Says:


    I’m at lvl 14, but have loadz of money. I guess my luck was that I got the game for my birthday, and in GT5 you get a free car on you B-day. So I got a nice racing car from 73 (you get the car of you B-day year) and could start racing without buying a car. My tip is to change you profile in the PS3 Network to get the free car, than change it back. Also I found it is much better to get a used car, and tune it to win races (all way’s do a oil change that gives up to 20BHP more when buying a used car). That is the cheaper option. I have 300k credits so far. The specials give the most money. BTW did anyone found a cheat for the stupid Top Gear track, all of the others are ok, but the buses are annoying.

  3. admin Says:

    thats awesome! great tip and i’ll definitely make a post about this!

  4. Josh Says:

    Hey if you go into my home settings then into options. Then scroll down into misc Click utilitys There is a couple of check buttons. Check the button that says pre install main game data And it decrease loading times by half. Takes 20. Min and alot of space tho

  5. Martin Says:

    @ Josh

    Isn’t that the same optional install it asks you to do when you first put the disc in?