GT5 Money Glitch

Saw this video on Youtube and even though I reckon the patch fixed it.. its pretty funny. Check it out:

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4 Responses to “GT5 Money Glitch”

  1. Juan Says:

    Nice glitch but the update they made patched it up so no more
    Easy money anymore but at least I got 20 millions dollars out of it
    Before the patch update thanks for the video really helped.

  2. The Bossman Says:

    Well I haven’t updated GT5 in a while so will try this in a few mins!! Thanks for the heads up. I did a similar thing on FIFA 11, now my local team is 5 stars and has Ronaldo, Rooney, Fabregas etc lol.

  3. hjm50 Says:


    Some people have found another way on the Nurburgring 24hr track with the Red Bull X2010. Try that out if you have one.


  4. Nick Says:

    It doesn’t work I keep getting pushed out