Legal-ish Side Swiping for Faster Laps

Legal-ish Side Swiping for Faster Laps

There are already some threads on concerning faster lap times but I haven’t seen this technique described, so far anyway.  This trick should give you the edge in close races, especially when rabbits are involved. (Rabbits, in case you don’t know, are the two or three ridiculously fast AI cars in certain seasonal events.) Some of you will undoubtedly groan and say, “Nothing new here” but you might not go as far as timing things the way I do.

I’ll use the reverse London course for the description. Just about every corner on that course allows you to swipe the car just ahead of you to get a cornering advantage. Take the first left-hander, for example. You’re not moving too fast yet and you’re braking and steering hard left at the same time. Don’t worry too much about braking, concentrate on getting to the inside of the car ahead of you.

If your gears are set up correctly, you should be able to get pretty close to the number 11 car right at that corner. Brake late, cut inside and use his car as leverage around the corner. If you do it right, you just have to keep your foot down while he slides into the barrier and you’re past. His car is moving unlike the concrete barriers so you slip past easily. If you took the corner at the same speed but without the other car there, you’d be scraping the concrete instead.

This works for the slow corners but it works even better later on, through the three higher-speed esses, inside left on the first two and then outside right on the last one. If you time it correctly, even to the point of laying off the gas for a fraction of a second to get your position, you can take these corners much faster by using the other car as a wedge or lever.

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The final corner on the reverse London course is perfect for what is often the final push to the finish line. In the Miata seasonal of a few months ago, swiping the leader on that corner was the only way I could have won. First, I took him out of contention and, second, I didn’t have to slow down nearly as much once I was beside him. (Since the ‘update’, I haven’t been able to even come close in that particular seasonal, swiping or not.)

The city courses and the short kart tracks seem specifically designed for this but every track has sections where it works perfectly.  Even on the ‘Ring, the Carousel is set up for some nice bumping/swiping, even the right-hander just before it. The problem with long tracks is the timing but I’ve used it repeatedly since GT4 on every course I can think of. Eifel Kart lap times can be reduced a fair bit with timely swipe cornering. Just make sure you’re on the correct side of the car you’re trying to overtake since the AI uses the swipe just as effectively as anyone else. Good luck!

By Waddy2001

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