Over 4m In a Hour – Limited Time only!

We know that some of the seasonal events can be a gold mine.. well the VW event going on at the moment is no exception.

But this event is only available for January I believe so get in quick and make some big cash!

This is courtesy of Joneseyy from the forum:

Go to seasonal events tab.
Bonus race No. 4:
the VW event, all you need is a racing modified Golf which will set you back 200k
Super Gt event, I bought the Nissan Yellow Hat YMS TOMICA GT-R 08 for 950,000cr but pocketed 1.5mCR with ease after winning the race.

Bonus race No. 5:
European touring car event: you should already have one from completing some of the races in A-spec mode, easy win making you 2m richer
TVR Tuscan speed event: i already had a RM Tuscan speed 6 and the race was incredibly easy

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Don’t forget you need to act now because the Seasonal events don’t last and you could miss out on some serious cash if your too late.

Visit the forum to thank Joneseyy and share your thoughts by clicking here.


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8 Responses to “Over 4m In a Hour – Limited Time only!”

  1. Johnny Says:

    My version of the game doesn’t seem to have the Seasonal Events tab.
    What am I lacking ??

  2. admin Says:

    Thats odd… its in the main section where you can choose spec A, spec b, special events.. there should be a seasonal events section.. near where the multiplayer lounge is

  3. seb Says:

    how come it’s jan 31 2day n there is no bonus race 4?

  4. seb Says:

    if i’ve got a 1st in those events, will i earn more credits if i play that same event again?

  5. admin Says:

    To seb.. it could be your Timezone..

  6. julian Says:

    Johnny have you downloaded the new gt5 download,because before i hadnt downloaded it i had no seasonal evnts or any online options,i couldnt even play b spec.

  7. alex! Says:

    I haven’t got this ‘seasonal events tab, but i havent got the multiplayer, too! Whats this, a bad version or what?

  8. Ibz Says:

    I havent got the recent seasonal events. the ones that were supposed to be released on the 4th Feb 2011. Any one else have this problem?