PSN Network is back up… Finally

May 18th, 2011

It seemed like an age didn’t it? I originally thought it was going to take a few days.. them maybe a week? But wow did it take a while!

I’m hoping that our info is all safe now and that time was used effectively.

Check out the related forum post here.. PSN Network back up

Happy Gaming!

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I-C 1 License Cheat – Easy Gold Trophy

April 30th, 2011

I had been trying to get this license for a while and kept missing out by a thousandth of a second and what not. So in annoying I did something and BAM! Gold Trophy!

The secret is that the walls next to the checkered flag stop you IMMEDIATELY!

So all you need to do is simply brake late and then turn into that side wall and your done! Gold Trophy most of the time.  So so easy!

I made a quick video to show everyone.. enjoy!


Sony Playstation network down.. still

April 27th, 2011

I didn’t bother reporting it on here simply because I thought it would be only temporary but its looks to be staying for longer than expected.

The Sony Playstation network has been shut down indefinitely following an attack on the system. Not only is this a massive inconvenience for all gamers it also proposes a level of security risk. This comes straight from the horses mouth:

For your security, we encourage you to be especially aware of email, telephone, and postal mail scams that ask for personal or sensitive information. Sony will not contact you in any way, including by email, asking for your credit card number, social security number or other personally identifiable information. If you are asked for this information, you can be confident Sony is not the entity asking. When the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services are fully restored, we strongly recommend that you log on and change your password. Additionally, if you use your PlayStation Network or Qriocity user name or password for other unrelated services or accounts, we strongly recommend that you change them, as well.

To protect against possible identity theft or other financial loss, we encourage you to remain vigilant, to review your account statements and to monitor your credit reports. We are providing the following information for those who wish to consider it:

Read the full article here

Check your credit cards and don’t respond to suspicious emails. Most gamers I believe are well adapted to the online world and can figure out a scammy and potentially dangerous email from a mile away, but be more careful than ever.

Talk more about it in the forum thread here:


GT5 Glitch – Money and Exp

April 17th, 2011

Another glitch using online play. These are definitely quite popular. I find it a little odd however.. does look fun.. but hey, you get cashed up and a load of experience!


Where to get Games Practically for Nothing?

April 14th, 2011

Interesting question there. But a little bit of background:

Scary thing is.. this isn’t a joke! These are genuine won items and will be sent to their winners within 14 days of the auction finishing. Winners come from UK, US, Australia.. pretty much anywhere!

Its all at Games for so Sign up today and start bidding!


Best Nintendo 3ds Games

April 4th, 2011

A little off topic but it looks like the Nintendo 3DS is finally out and causing a bit of a storm. This is possible the first handheld console I have ever really been excited about since the original Gameboy! I’m not joking, this just looks really cool.

For heaps of stuff about the Nintendo 3DS you can check out


4.9 Seconds around the Nurburgring – Fast Money GT5

March 17th, 2011

I posted the other day about a glitch where you get a GTR and travel around in circles for a few minutes for a couple of million bucks.

Well since that was found the guys and Polyphony have patched it.

BUT this one hasn’t been patched yet!

Check it out:


GT5 Money Glitch

March 15th, 2011

Saw this video on Youtube and even though I reckon the patch fixed it.. its pretty funny. Check it out:


Update for the Update – Gran Turismo 5 v1.07

February 27th, 2011

Only a week ago or so, the latest GT5 update was released. In a surprise move an update for the update (or so you can call it) has been released. Official notes can be found below:

[Major Changes and New Features]
-Friend Rankings
In Drift Trials and Time Trials, you can now display leaderboards that shows only your friends. While it was difficult before to locate your friends in the general leaderboards, this now makes it easier to compare laptimes with them, allowing you to compete just between your friends for the best laps and scores.

[Correction of Known Issues]
– The calculation of performance points (PP) which is an index of a car’s performance, is now calculated without taking into account the tyre selection.You can now combine the performance point restriction and the tyre restriction when setting the regulations for a lounge.
– Fixed the issue where the performance of electric cars increased/decreased after a certain amount of driving.
– Downloaded replays from Seasonal Event Rankings can now be viewed properly.

[Other Changes]
– Cars worth over 1,000,000 Cr. (Including those in a gift car ticket form) are now prohibited from being traded to prevent issues during the trading process. When lending and borrowing cars between friends, please utilize the car loan system


Patch 1.06 Released for GT5

February 20th, 2011

Official Patch Notes 1.06

[Major Changes and New Features]
Remote Racing
On the bottom left of the [GT Mode] – [Community] screen, [Remote Races] have been added.
You can combine the “My Driver” of you and your friends to start a fully automatic B-Spec race, to gain rewards and experience.
For details please see section 8-4 [Remote Races] in the [Manual] accessible from the top menu and also the new “Remote Race” page in the GT5 product in+I3formation section on

Remote Racing from a Web Browser
For [Remote Races], you can visit the official “” website using an internet web browser, and remotely operate your PS3® at home. You can start races, monitor its progress and check the results from the web site. This is a new playing style allowing you to play Gran Turismo anywhere!
Sign in from the [GT5 My Home] button on the upper right of the webpage to get started.

Using the Course Maker in Online Races
You can now select the “My Tracks” created in [Course Maker] for your online races (Open Lobby, My Lounge), or even race on tracks automatically generated from a selected theme on the spot. (Please note you’ll only be able to use My Courses created after this update in this way.)

Introduction of Performance Points for Online Races
We’ve now introduced Performance Points (PP), a numerical index of a car’s performance for online races. You can set PP restrictions in the regulations of online races (Open Lobby, My Lounge) to regulate the participating cars.
For details, see 6 -15 [Performance Points] in the [Manual] accessible from the top menu screen.

Increased Rewards and Experience Online
The amount of rewards and experience gained from online racing (Open Lobby and My Lounge) have been increased.

Expansion of Event Settings for Online Races
[Auto Race Start Cycle] and [Tyre/Fuel Depletion] have been added to the event settings of online races (Open Lobby, My Lounge).

Increased Penalties for Special Events
The penalties for improper driving such as driving off course and hitting walls have been increased for the [Special Events] in [GT Mode] – [GT Life].

Event Rewards and Experience Adjusted
The rewards and experience for [Licence] and [Special Events] of [GT Mode] – [GT Life] have been adjusted. Experience for A-Spec and B-Spec events have been increased, while rewards have been reduced back down to levels seen before the 1.05 update.

Car Loan in Events
In A-Spec and B-Spec events in [GT Mode] – [GT Life], as well as when participating in [Special Events], you can now rent cars that your Friends have set to share with friends.
For details see 6-16 [Borrowing and Lending Cars] in the [Manual] accessible from the top menu screen.

Individual gear adjustment, power limiters, and weight adjustment have been added to the settings. For details see [18. Settings Guide] in the [Manual] accessible from the top menu screen.

Multi Monitor
From [Options] – [Hardware] – [Multi Monitor], you can now set multi-monitor display settings using multiple PS3™ systems.
You can now enjoy Gran Turismo 5 in an incredibly wide display environment combining multiple PS3™ systems and TV’s/monitors.
For details please see the support section on

[Changes and Additions to Game Operations]
– It is now possible to replay and save [2 Player Races].
– [Controller Steering Sensitivity] has been added to [Driving Options].
– [Corner Camber] has been added to the section settings of the [Course Maker].
– In A Spec events including endurance races, a confirmation prompt has been added before restarting a race from the beginning.
– In replays, B Spec and while watching races, you can now change viewing targets directly from the screen without having to use a separate window list.
– User selected background music can now be used when voice chat is disabled in a [Lounge].
– Cars in your garage that are not registered as ‘Favorites’ can now be used in a [Lounge].
– When a tyre restriction is enabled in a Lounge regulation, only cars having tyres that match the regulation will be displayed in the garage.
– Driver and car display selections during races will be saved.
– It is now possible to perform settings for karts in the [Quick Menu].
– It is now possible to select multiple items in some major screens, such as when selecting the on/off of favourites in the [Garage].

[AI Adjustment]
– Race choreography and opponent car AI controls for licence tests and A Spec events have been adjusted.
– Opponent car AI controls during B Spec races have been improved.
– The evasive manoeuvres of opponent cars when a players car blocks the track has been improved.

[Correction of Issues]
– Corrected an issue where it was possible to gain points unfairly in drift trials.
– Corrected an issue where it was not possible to view the 4th sector in the live monitor.
-Corrected an issue where the sound would not change when replacing the exhaust system or turbo kit.
– Corrected an issue where the save data becomes unable to load when exceeding a certain file size.

[Other Changes]
– A searchable item called [Race Type] has been added during room creation in the [Open Lobby].
– The lap times for the [X Challenge] in [Special Events] have been adjusted.
– Game save speed has been optimised.
– The HDD access warning message that was displayed at game startup has been disabled for faster startup.
– The background of car demos during an [Auto Demo] is now displayed randomly in 4 types (Morning/Day/Night/White) as is in the [Dealership].
– The “S-AWC” integrated four wheel drive system of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X has been adjusted.
– The [Feedback Strength] of the Thrustmaster T500RS can now be adjusted across a wider range.

[To Check Your Current Version]
To check the version of your software, press the “Manual” button at the bottom of the main menu screen. The version number will be located on the upper left of the index page in this manual.

If the number starts with 1.06, you are playing the latest version of the game.

If not, please press PS button and quit the game. The game will be updated automatically when you restart it with your PS3™ system connected to the internet.

Post your thoughts on our patch thread.