GT5 and the Yellow Light of Death

February 19th, 2011

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, some PS3‘s are falling victim of the ‘Yellow Light of Death‘ or ylod for short. It’s probably not as infamous as the Red Ring of Death (RROD) bricking thousands of Xbox 360 consoles worldwide.

Lately there have been people in forums, and even our forum, talking about how GT5 cause the dreaded ps3 yellow light on their system.

So what is the deal with this dreaded yellow light and is it an easy fix or is it the end for you beloved PS3 and the poor GT5 disc stuck inside. Well there is a simply way of getting the disc out so don’t worry about that but even fixing the yellow light problem itself can be a relatively simple fix if you know what your doing and are happy to get your hands a little dirty.

Again, with the Xbox 360 RROD, the main underlying issue here is the console overheating. Some have heard the fan go into overdrive the weeks or days before the yellow light comes on and shuts everything down. Also the options so far are not very desirable, you either buy a new PS3 or send it back to Sony. Buying a new one will set you back quite a bit and sending it back to Sony will cost you over $100 plus taxes and will take 1-3 weeks to be fixed and note, you will also lose your saved data. However if you are under warranty it should be free so if that’s the case, I’d recommend just sending it back unless you can’t wait that long.

Of course with the springing up of the Yellow Light of Death there are now many products on the market which claim to guide you in helping your PS3. I thought I would check one of them out so I bought a copy. The information in this product was very comprehensive and included detailed images and videos to help you fix your machine. I recommend you read my review before you go out and buy one. And if it doesn’t work, you have a 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

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Cool GT5 Simulator

February 12th, 2011

Ok want a GT5 simulator?

How about this one???

I heard Bestbuy has these in stock.. not!

A few people have complained about how ‘loose’ it looks. Remember the screen moves with the whole machine so it won’t necessarily look like your facing ‘up’ but rather more like your accelerating with the feeling of being pushed back. Same thing with turning. I’d imagine you’d need to be in a room with the same colour walls and no objects for this to have the best effect.

Whatever.. its pretty awesome!


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February 8th, 2011

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February 7th, 2011

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1.5 Million in about 10 minutes – easy GT5 Money

February 6th, 2011

Again a quick way to make some big dollars as well as a cool 120k experience points.. an easy way to pass level 21 in GT5 cause I know how annoying getting through that level can be!

Okay, down to business…we will be taking advantage of the awesome seasonal events that GT5 runs every so often. Note this is only available to the end of the month but you MUST take advantage of this now before it runs out.

So here it goes:

  1. Make sure your logged into the Playstation network
  2. You will need a Chevvy so go buy a Chevvy, I bought a ZR1.
  3. Change fuel and get a pair of soft slicks.
  4. Go back to the main menu and go to the seasonal events
  5. Click on the first event, Bonus Race No. 6.
  6. The last race will be at Indy using their old F1 track in the in field.
  7. Destroy them!

After doing this you’ll earn 1.5 million and have 120,000 experience points.

That’s about it. The key here is to bolt on those slick tires as without them it can get a bit frustrating. But once they’re on it makes a world of difference.


Play your own music in GT5

February 3rd, 2011

Sick of the elevator music in GT5? Would you rather rock on with your favourite tunes and really get into the mood?

Face it, the Christmas carols and classics work for about 2 minutes, but when your deciding on whether you use a Bugatti, Zonda or your Enzo you want something with a bit more… oomph.

Well you can actually change the music to whatever you want it to be! This was submitted from forum member ‘jbird000‘ and here it is:

1. Upload music to your PS3’s hard drive from your computer (I used a flashdrive).
2. Create a playlist for gt5’s menu, and a playlist for gt5’s races, adding any songs of any length.
3. Go to your gt5 home screen, and click on the music button (indicated by a small music note icon).
4. Once you pull this up, there will be three tabs on the left, one labeled “race bgm“, and another labeled “menu bgm” will be found there.
5. Click on either of these tabs, and the list of songs GT5 normally plays will be shown here.
6. There will be three buttons in the lower portion of the window, one of them looks like a small gear, or cog, labeled “settings” click on that.
7. There will be 3 buttons, in a new window that pops up. I can’t remember exactly what they say, but one says “default music“, and another says personal “bgm music“, and one more button labeled “select personal bgm music folder” or something like that. Click on the select music button.
8. Click on the playlist (according to where you are setting the music)
9. Play any song (make sure you set it to shuffle ^_^) and it will continually play all of the songs in the playlist folder forever in GT5 :) No more elevator tunes!
10.  Make sure you when you make your selection to click the other button labeled “personal bgm music” before backing out
11. You’re all set with your custom tunes 8-)

Its as easy as that to rock on with your favourite beats while playing GT5. You could say the game got that little bit more interesting!

To read the full thread at the forum you can click here.

Also sign up and give a big thanks to jbird000!


Over 4m In a Hour – Limited Time only!

January 28th, 2011

We know that some of the seasonal events can be a gold mine.. well the VW event going on at the moment is no exception.

But this event is only available for January I believe so get in quick and make some big cash!

This is courtesy of Joneseyy from the forum:

Go to seasonal events tab.
Bonus race No. 4:
the VW event, all you need is a racing modified Golf which will set you back 200k
Super Gt event, I bought the Nissan Yellow Hat YMS TOMICA GT-R 08 for 950,000cr but pocketed 1.5mCR with ease after winning the race.

Bonus race No. 5:
European touring car event: you should already have one from completing some of the races in A-spec mode, easy win making you 2m richer
TVR Tuscan speed event: i already had a RM Tuscan speed 6 and the race was incredibly easy

Don’t forget you need to act now because the Seasonal events don’t last and you could miss out on some serious cash if your too late.

Visit the forum to thank Joneseyy and share your thoughts by clicking here.



1 Million in 1 Race!

January 24th, 2011

Is this possible? To make 1 million in 1 race? Well for the rest of January it is!

The thing about Seasonal races is that you can make a load of cash by doing very little. Its not something you can take advantage of everyday but hey… you can get cashed up real fast!

It goes a little something like this:

Here we go.. here we go
Here we go, here we go, here we here we here we go
D.M.C. and DJ Run, dum diddy-dum diddy-diddy-dum-dum

J/k. I just had to do that after typing in “goes a little something like this”… Run DMC here we go 🙂

I mean this: (from DJinAC in the forum)

Hi everyone just wanted to post what I did last night at level 15. I went to the special race section and picked the trial mountain course that you need a 2006 Ford GT. I loaded the car with all the race mods engine, suspension, tirea and transmission. I started the race in 12th and got up to 7th when a Ferrari spun me out. I stayed with the race and ending up winning. 5 laps and you get 1,000,000 dollars/credits and 90k in experience. It is in the bonus race 3 section. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the tips and wanted to contribute. Sorry if this a repost new to the forum and wanted to help.

Check out the full post here


Winning the Last NASCAR race

January 23rd, 2011

There have been a few questions about how to win the last NASCAR race.

People complain of being bumped out of the race or pushed and shoved out of contention.

ThunderPigg seemed to have a good technique and method to get around this. Again its not exactly a ‘cheat’ but a smart and effective method to work around over zealous and pushy NASCAR drivers.

It goes a little something like this:

If you don’t want to get shoved out of the way by the guy behind you on the last lap, you gotta pay much attention to your rearview mirror. When you see the next guy is just about to hit you, move your car up or down as necessary to be sure the guy hits you in the middle of your back bumper. That way instead of spinning you out, the guy gives you a free speed boost.

I realize that bump drafting seems somewhat dirty to those of you that are more used to sportscar racing, but it’s part of the game in NASCAR superspeedway racing.

Interesting.. not sure if I would like to be bump drafted at 200+ kph surrounded by brick walls… but hey… each to their own!

Check out the full post by clicking here.

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Trading GT5 Cars – The Good List

January 21st, 2011

Ever wanted to trade your car for something sweet but didn’t know whether you would get your pride and joy back?

Or have you given away your beast only to have the other person ignore your requests to have it back?

The good news is that the GT5 cheats forum now has a trading reputation thread where we discuss who it’s safe to deal with and who has proved to be an honorable swapper in the past.

Check it out here at the forum

If you know anyone that should be mentioned on here… sign up and feel free to add them!